0xGames - an international all-star team of IT pros with deep game development and blockchain technology chops has released 3 next gen blockchain, open-economy games (plus one on the way).

Woven in beautiful 2D and 3D graphics, exciting gameplay, fascinating storyline and immersive soundtracks, players can profit with crypto, while trading or winning NFTs.

These award winning games can be accessed across PC, MAC, iOS and Android platforms plus about any blockchain platform imaginable.

0xUniverse Gameplay

But in order for games like 0xUniverse and 0xBattleship to maintain peak performance, 0xGames needed a high performing, secure Ethereum node that’s simple to integrate with  unlimited call requests.

CEO Sergey Kopov weighs in: “We use a Ethereum node to run transactions and receive events. We tried to maintain an Ethereum node ourselves. After that we tried Infura and Alchemy. And in the end, we choose Quicknode as the simplest and most reliable solution.”

0xRacers Gameplay

Teaming up with QuickNode, 0xGames has enjoyed a worry free experience with no call request limits from the fastest, most reliable node provider on the planet.

Since 2017, QuickNode has helped amazing blockchain projects like 0xGames take off – and we’d love to help you with yours!

Now with several plan tiers available for you to develop and test your Ethereum blockchain project (which are easily upgradable for when the time comes).

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