100 QuickNodes: What We’ve Learned

It’s exhilarating to be part of something new, something big, something that has so much potential. We’re talking about Ethereum of course!

100 QuickNodes: What We’ve Learned

Less than a month since launch, users have launched over 100 QuickNodes. Here are our thoughts:

It’s exhilarating to be part of something new, something big, something that has so much potential. We’re talking about Ethereum of course!

We started QuickNode with a vision to support the evolution of this new frontier (some like to call it Web 3.0), to give back to the amazing community that pushes Ethereum forward, and to facilitate (and accelerate!) further development by enabling the superstar devs of tomorrow.

Right now we have planned several cool features for QuickNode, including the ability to spin up alternate chains (e.g. testnet, classic, expanse), automated scaling & load-balancing, and implementing protocols like Whisper.

This is totally new technology and new use-cases are discovered regularly. With that come new problems as well — at times we see users running into issues like “this app/framework/tool doesn’t support HTTPs or auth” (guys, it’s 2017, let’s get with the program), so we need your help in getting the developers of these tools to implement features that work with QuickNode.

Please, if you hit an issue like that, let us and the tool developers know; tweet them, get in their Slack rooms, make sure they get the features to support this new architecture!

Remember, we are building something completely new. There hasn’t been anything like it before… features don’t exist, tools are limited… we have make them — and that’s the best part!

So don’t forget to ‘think outside the box’ every once in a while, because nothing is impossible…

We’re holding a Hackathon!

QuikHack’s aim is to create something that will bring value to anyone participating in Ethereum.

That could be anyone from a casual trader to seasoned investor, a ĐApp user to a fellow ĐApp developer. The criteria is pretty open at this point.

If you are interested, sign up here.

We are also looking for judges. If you think someone would make a good judge, nominate them via our Slack.

If you have an idea, would like to share your feedback, or just simply get involved (we could use some help with organizing, promoting, and executing this event) — please pop into our Slack and join #QuikHack.

So, cheers to this milestone and to many more!

The only way to know the future is to create it.


Team QuickNode

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