Accelerate Your Blockchain Products with Streaming Indexed Data

The vast and complex nature of blockchain data can be daunting, but QuickNode's Streams transforms your data handling, enabling you to ship faster, maintain simpler infrastructure, cut costs, and unleash innovation.

Accelerate Your Blockchain Products with Streaming Indexed Data

In the fast-paced world of web3, staying ahead means leveraging data more effectively than your competitors.

The vast and complex nature of blockchain data can be daunting, but QuickNode's Streams transforms your data handling, enabling you to ship faster, maintain simpler infrastructure, cut costs, and unleash your innovation.

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Keep reading to learn how to accelerate your products with streaming indexed blockchain data.

Filtered Data - Only Pay For What You Need

Imagine effortlessly sifting through vast amounts of blockchain data, extracting only what’s essential.

With Streams' powerful filtering feature, you can do just that!

This targeted approach ensures you pay only for relevant data, significantly reducing costs and boosting efficiency:

Get only the data you need

Filters allow for simple pattern and rule matching without dependencies or external network access—ensuring you only get and pay for the data you need—making every data dependency you have more efficient and cost-effective.

Visit our documentation and guides to learn more about using Filters to refine your Streams payload using JavaScript (ECMAScript) code.

Cost Comparison (Base Mainnet)

Consider the task of collecting ERC20 token transfer events. For Streams (Full), this example assumes ingesting all blockchain receipts for later processing. For Streams (Filtered), you can use a filter to preprocess data and then stream only the receipts containing ERC20 transfer events.

Build PlanScale Plan (with data compression)
Streams (Full)~$2,468 (987 GB: All Receipts Streaming)~$180 (103 GB: All Receipts Streaming)
Streams (Filtered)~$480 (194 GB: Streaming PRE-PROCESSED data)~$14 (24 GB: Streaming PRE-PROCESSED data)

Why Streams is a Game-Changer

Streams by QuickNode offers a seamless, efficient, and reliable way to access blockchain data. It addresses common pain points such as performance, scalability, and maintenance costs while also ensuring data consistency and reliability. Streams delivers continuous, real-time blockchain data, eliminating the need for manual querying and allowing for effortless integration into projects.

1. Real-Time and Historical Filtered Data Streaming

Access both historical and real-time blockchain data tailored to your needs, delivered directly to your preferred destination. Whether you're working on DeFi applications, NFT projects, or enterprise blockchain solutions, having the right data at the right time is crucial. Streams enables you to get this data efficiently, allowing you to focus on what matters most - building innovative products.

2. Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate Streams into your existing systems with support for popular destinations like S3, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, and webhooks. The straightforward integration process means you can start utilizing Streams' capabilities without a steep learning curve or extensive setup time. This ease of integration accelerates your development cycles, helping you bring products to market faster.

3. Data You Can Count On

Fork resolution, trailing options, and guaranteed delivery ensure your data is complete and accurate. In the blockchain world, where data integrity and reliability are paramount, Streams provides a robust solution to ensure you can trust the data you're working with. This reliability is essential for maintaining user trust and ensuring the smooth operation of your blockchain applications.

Streams eliminates common obstacles and developer pain points with endpoint infrastructure. Forget the cumbersome process of provisioning workers to pull data from blockchain endpoints and having to monitor their progress.

Mark Boychuk, Head of Development at BlockAlliance

Maximize Data Precision and Cost Efficiency with Filters for Streams

Streams' new filtering capability optimizes your data pipeline processes. By filtering the streaming data, you ingest only the necessary information, reducing noise and focusing on the data that matters. This targeted approach not only lowers costs but also accelerates product development and enables quicker, more precise decision-making.

Filter Out The Noise

Key Features of Filters:

  • Customizable Filtering: Apply JavaScript-based filters to Stream payloads to match specific patterns or rules.
  • Cost Efficiency: Only pay for the filtered data sent to the destination, reducing unnecessary data transmission costs.
  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly integrate Filters with existing Streams setups for enhanced data management.
  • Advanced Filtering Capabilities: Support complex filtering logic, including conditional data handling and custom transformations.

Filters can be configured within the QuickNode developer portal and through the Streams REST API, and will enable you to precisely control the data you receive, ensuring you only pay for the exact data you need to use.

Unlock New Possibilities with Functions

Beyond data streaming, Streams integrates seamlessly with Functions, enabling you to automate responses to real-time blockchain events and solve any blockchain data need.

Create serverless functions and automations that react instantly to streaming data without managing complex infrastructure. Common programming languages—including Javascript, Python, Go, or Ruby—can efficiently transform payloads from Streams, enrich them with contract data, and much more, ensuring QuickNode is your trusted provider for all your ETL needs.

Streams + Functions open up a world of possibilities, from automated trading to data indexing, driving your projects forward faster and with less overhead:

Why Choose Streams for Blockchain Data?

  • Ship Faster: With real-time and historical data filtered to your specifications, streamline your development cycles and bring products to market quicker. The ability to access and process only the necessary data means you can iterate faster and respond more quickly to market demands.
  • Simplify Infrastructure: Reduce complexity with user-friendly integrations and flexible operations. By offloading data filtering and processing to Streams, you can simplify your backend infrastructure and focus on developing core features and functionality.
  • Cut Costs: Pay only for the data you need, optimizing your budget and resources. Streams' filtering capabilities mean you aren't paying for unnecessary data, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively and improve your project's ROI.
  • Innovate More: Free up your teams to focus on building and innovating, leveraging the power of Streams to simplify your data ingestion pipelines. With the burden of data management lifted, your team can dedicate more time to developing groundbreaking features and exploring new ideas.

Switch to Streams: Benefits over RPC or Subgraphs

If you haven’t tried Streams yet or are currently using another method, such as RPC or Subgraphs, there are plenty of reasons to consider switching to a superior solution.

Compared to equivalent load and backfilling CELO using RPC

While other methods can be complex and costly, Streams handles data integration and management, ensuring you receive exactly the data you need in real-time without the hassle of manual queries or high costs.

  • Continuous Data Flow: Unlike traditional RPC methods that require manual querying, Streams provide a continuous flow of real-time data.
  • Simplified Integration: Streams eliminate the complexity of setting up and managing blockchain data interfaces, making it easy to start.
  • Cost Efficiency: With features like Filters, you only pay for the data you need, reducing your overall costs.
  • Robust Data Delivery: Streams ensure gapless and consistent data delivery, even during chain reorganizations, offering unmatched reliability.

See the full list of Stream's features and chains on our docs website.

Streams + Functions is the ultimate blockchain data solution, no matter what you need

Embrace the Future of Blockchain Data Pipelines

Want to see what's possible when you unlock your team’s full potential to easily extract relevant onchain data and generate actionable insights?

Streams, combined with Functions, are your secret weapon for quickly simplifying the many complexities of receiving and using blockchain data.

In an industry where data is king, having the right tools to manage and utilize that data can make all the difference. QuickNode's Streams and Functions not only provide the capabilities you need but also the flexibility and reliability to ensure you can adapt to any challenge.

Ready to see for yourself?

Visit your QuickNode dashboard to start using Streams with Filters today, and discover the impact they can have on your projects. Streams are available for Build plan accounts and higher.

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