Announcing the Builder's Guide: Get to Market Faster with a Clear Plan of Action

Announcing the Builder's Guide: Get to Market Faster with a Clear Plan of Action

The Builder’s Guide is a tactical tool designed to empower both beginner and seasoned engineers creating web3 projects of all types. 

As the web of blockchain infrastructure, tools, and solutions grows wider and more complex, choice paralysis and information overload can often stifle and slow your creative process.

Would you rather spend time building and shipping or heading down ambiguous Google rabbit holes with no easy way to tell which tool best fits your product? The Builder’s Guide is your co-pilot designed to drastically simplify this research process so you can be confident you’re going live with the best tools and infrastructure on the market.

What You'll Find Inside

Whether you’re in the brainstorming phase or want to triple-check that you’ve picked the best provider for your tools, we lay out a framework to provide value as you architect your backend infrastructure. 

The Builder’s Guide is organized primarily by common web3 project types and the solutions and critical layers that support them. Click through to the solution type that aligns with your project or scroll to the bottom to search for a specific toolset in mind. Each solution page lays out basic definitions and parameters to keep in mind, then suggests all of the tools and providers you need to bring the solution to life.

Pro-Tip: Bookmark your relevant solution page and use that as a home base while researching and contacting tool providers.

Solution Types

  • Staking: Engage in network security and earn rewards.
  • Web3 Gaming: Unlock player-owned rewards with every action.
  • Wallets: Securely manage your digital assets.
  • Analytics: Generate meaningful insights across blockchains.
  • Tokenization: Digitize asset ownership for easy transfer and division.
  • Swaps and Aggregators: Optimize your trades for the best rates.
  • Custom Chains: Create and govern your own blockchain ecosystem.
  • Exchanges: Facilitate seamless, trustless asset swaps.
  • Stable Coins: Combine the stability of traditional finance with digital innovation.
  • NFTs: Own unique digital art and collectibles.
  • Account Abstraction: Simplify digital identity and access management.
  • Payments: Enable instant, borderless transactions.


  • Oracles / Price Feeds: Integrate real-world data with blockchain networks for accurate smart contract execution.
  • RPC APIs: Streamline communication with blockchain networks for efficient data processing and interaction.
  • Transaction Simulations: Test blockchain transactions in a sandbox environment to ensure accuracy and security.
  • Block Explorers: Track and visualize blockchain transactions, providing transparency and insights into blockchain activity.
  • Indexed Data Analytics: Transform raw blockchain data into actionable insights for better decision-making.
  • Bridges: Facilitate asset and data transfer across different blockchain ecosystems, enhancing interoperability.
  • Notifications (Webhooks): Receive timely updates and alerts about blockchain events to stay informed and responsive.
  • Wallet / Custody Solutions: Securely manage and store digital assets, ensuring user control and safety.
  • Storage Solutions: Ensure secure, decentralized storage of digital assets, safeguarding data integrity.

If you have any detailed questions or want to take a deeper dive, reach out to a QuickNode expert to create a custom plan of action.

Using the Builder's Guide in Practice

Let’s walk through an example of how you could use the Builder’s Guide to create a new gaming project. First, navigate to the Web3 Gaming solution page.

There, you’ll find a brief overview of what web3 gaming is, followed by a curated list of the necessary tools required to bring your project to market.

Click through to explore the top recommended tools from industry-leading providers. We've collaborated with top-tier partners and leading Web3 companies to ensure you have a holistic solution with access to the best resources and support–even if it doesn’t come from us.

Make sure to check back often, as our team is constantly assessing and refreshing which tools work best for products from startups to Fortune 500.

Explore the Builder's Guide and Get Your Product to Market

Check out the Builder’s Guide to create a product launch roadmap leveraging industry-leading solutions.

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