Quickly Deploy Rollups and AppChains, Without Any Pain

Discover how QuickNode's Rollups-as-a-Service revolutionizes blockchain development with customized solutions tailored for high performance.

Quickly Deploy Rollups and AppChains, Without Any Pain

Many developers are turning to appchains and custom chains to build their products and applications in web3. Why? It's simple: they offer unmatched performance and the freedom for developers to customize the toolkit and tech stack to suit their individual needs.

This blog post is the final installment of our three-part series highlighting QuickNode's support for the growth and relevance of appchains and RaaS (Rollups as a Service). In the first part, we discussed appchains, private chains, and sidechains. In the second part, we dove into into appchains and rollups-as-a-service (RaaS).

Now, we will examine the common challenges developers face when working with existing solutions in the market. We will then illuminate how QuickNode's innovative offerings can overcome these hurdles, empowering developers to build custom, high-performance chains or rollups backed by industry-leading, scalable infrastructure.

AppChains and Rollups: A Quick Recap

AppChains are specialized blockchain infrastructures designed for specific applications. They offer developers complete control and allow for extensive customization to optimize performance and functionality.

Rollups, on the other hand, are blockchains that bundle transactions off-chain to reduce the load on the primary blockchain, enhancing transaction efficiency and scalability. Together, appchains and rollups provide developers with powerful frameworks to customize and scale their web3 solutions.

Challenges with Most Appchains and Rollup Solutions

While other appchains and rollups providers promise scalability and customization, they often come with significant technical hurdles:

  1. Complex Setup and Configuration — Setting up custom blockchains and configuring rollups is complex and requires deep technical expertise. This increases overall complexity, costs, and development time.
  2. Interoperability Issues — AppChain ecosystems and protocols are often siloed, complicating cross-chain interactions and leading to data inconsistency. The lack of standardization and documented resources further complicates the situation.
  3. Maintenance and Updates — Blockchains and rollups require continuous monitoring and intervention, from rolling out security patches to managing outages, which is resource-intensive. Even some RaaS providers struggle with this, as seen earlier when updates inadvertently caused several chains to halt operations.
  4. Security Risks — Tools, documentation, and support resources for appchain and rollup developers are often lacking, hindering efficient development and increasing time to market for applications and protocols.
  5. Limited Developer Support — A lack of comprehensive tools, documentation, and resources hampers efficient development and delays time to market.

How QuickNode Overcomes These Challenges

Enter QuickNode, a pioneering force in the blockchain infrastructure space, offering battle-tested AppChain and RaaS services designed to eliminate these pain points once and for all:

High Availability Guaranteed, Not Just Claimed

While other providers may boast lofty uptime claims, QuickNode backs its promises with a robust 99.99% uptime SLA, ensuring your blockchain remains highly available and operational around the clock. Recent industry events have exposed the fragility of competing solutions, which have experienced significant downtimes and major disruptions – a stark contrast to QuickNode's unwavering reliability.

Seamless and Scalable Operations

While competing solutions may promise "one-click" deployment, the real challenge is maintaining high performance under peak loads. QuickNode's globally balanced, auto-scaling infrastructure is engineered to handle even the most demanding workloads, ensuring your applications remain consistently performant, regardless of traffic spikes or usage patterns.

Truly Custom Configurations

At QuickNode, we understand that every project has unique requirements. That's why we offer unmatched customization options, supporting various leading frameworks, including zkSync Hyperchains, OP Stack, and Arbitrum Orbits. Unlike competitors with limited framework support, our solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the web3 ecosystem.

Robust Reliability, Not Regret

When it comes to mission-critical applications, reliability is paramount. QuickNode understands this better than anyone, offering 24/7 support with a dedicated customer service team backed by a globally distributed support network of over 130 professionals. With industry-leading <15-minute critical response custom SLAs, QuickNode is built to support enterprises at scale, even during the most demanding situations.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Key Management, Not Single Points of Failure

In the world of blockchain, security, and decentralization are fundamental principles. QuickNode's enterprise-grade key management system adheres to these core tenets, ensuring there are no single points of failure that could compromise your critical infrastructure. With SOC 2 compliance, advanced DDoS protection, and 24/7 security monitoring, QuickNode prioritizes security, significantly reducing vulnerabilities and safeguarding developer investments.

Key Features of QuickNode’s AppChain and RaaS Solution

QuickNode is an expert blockchain infrastructure provider with a global network of nodes, offering reliable access to 30+ different chains. These fundamentals enable QuickNode to offer key features such as:

High-Performance Infrastructure

QuickNode's infrastructure is robust and scalable, ready to grow with your needs. With an average response time as low as 102 milliseconds on Ethereum, QuickNode is the fastest RPC provider, miles ahead of competitors. This global distribution of nodes means appchains can scale on demand, enhancing data availability and fault tolerance for reliable operations.

Source: QuickLee Public

Accessibility and Support

QuickNode's wide network of nodes ensures high accessibility for developers. Supporting 30+ chains, developers can choose the best network for their needs and build on top of it. QuickNode also provides round-the-clock assistance through its dedicated support team, offering confidence and support to developers.

Reliable and Automated Security Measures

QuickNode prioritizes security by proactively setting up industry-leading security practices and automated updates to ensure no downtime. This relieves developers from manually patching and resolving security issues.

QuickNode’s Competitive Advantages

Here are three key reasons why QuickNode’s Rollups and AppChains solution stands out:

1. Dedicated Professional Services Team

QuickNode's professional services team comprises industry experts who provide exceptional support and guidance at every step, from initial setup and configuration to ongoing optimization and troubleshooting.

2. Industry-Leading RPC Infrastructure

QuickNode's RPC solutions offer unparalleled performance, reliability, and scalability. Thanks to a 99.99% uptime SLA, developers can build and deploy their applications with confidence.

3. Fully Integrated Plug-and-Play Marketplace

QuickNode's marketplace offers a true plug-and-play experience with various first-party and third-party add-ons, simplifying web3 development and accelerating development timelines while saving money and resources.

Don't let outdated infrastructure or unreliable providers hold you back. Embrace the future of web3 development with QuickNode – where unparalleled performance, reliability, and support are the norm, not the exception.

Getting Started with QuickNode

Fill out a simple form to experience the advantages of QuickNode’s AppChain and RaaS solutions. Our team will work with you to meet your specific needs and ensure you receive the most relevant tools and support.

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QuickNode: Accelerating AppChain and Rollup Adoption

While appchains and RaaS solutions are theoretically ideal for developers, the complexities involved during practical implementation often prove challenging without robust support and credible resources.

QuickNode's AppChains and RaaS offerings represent a significant step in the right direction, aiming to simplify web3 development for developers while granting them control and flexibility. The adaptability of these solutions, coupled with QuickNode's well-established infrastructure, ensures a smooth and reliable development experience.

Ultimately, a superior developer experience invariably translates into high-performance applications and innovative use cases, as developers can now focus their efforts on core application functionality rather than building it from scratch.