Avalanche & QuickNode: Powering and Scaling the Future of Crypto

The future of Avalanche is bright, and QuickNode is proud to support the network with our robust cloud infrastructure.

Avalanche & QuickNode: Powering and Scaling the Future of Crypto

May 9th, 2022 — QuickNode, the leading Web3 cloud platform for building blockchain-powered applications, today announces the expansion of its ecosystem with the launch of Avalanche support on its platform. QuickNode's mission is to support and service the developer community, and with a community of more than 40,000 developers, adding Avalanche support helps achieve that mission by giving developers access to one of the fastest growing protocols in the web3 space.  

Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality — Avalanche Website

Avalanche is a smart contracts platform that is home to many decentralized applications. It is EVM compatible, which means you can write solidity for your AVAX application the same as you would for something on Ethereum. Avalanche processes thousands of transactions per second, and consensus is secured by a proof-of-stake model. With Avalanche's model, instead of a 51% attack, that you may be familiar with, one would need to execute an 80% parameterized attack.

In addition to the points above, Avalanche is shaking up the game by adding subnets. Subnets are their own isolated blockchains, that are secured by the main network. They can create their own virtual machines, and different subnets can have different requirements for validators to secure the network. Subnets will continue to scale out the Avalanche network as demand for block space grows.

This model ensures that as the demand for blockchain-specific applications grow, so does the security and overall health of the Avalanche network. This is because to be a validator for a subnet, one must also be a validator of the "Primary Network" by staking 2000 AVAX. The future of Avalanche is bright, and QuickNode is proud to support the network with our robust cloud infrastructure.

“We are super excited to bring Avalanche to QuickNode - It shows our commitment to work with powerful protocols and large ecosystems. We are delighted to support the explosive growth of the Avalanche developer community which is leading the way for some of the fastest growing projects. This integration makes it simple for Avalanche developers to focus on building, while QuickNode handles the infrastructure layer.” – Alex Nabutovsky, CEO of QuickNode

“With QuickNode adding support for Avalanche, our community of users gains access to a leader in blockchain infrastructure,” said John Wu, President of Ava Labs. “The integration makes it so much easier to quickly spin up APIs, nodes, and validators, helping to spur growth and strengthen the network.”

How to Get Started with Avalanche on QuickNode:

1. Sign up for an account with us on QuickNode.com

2. Click “Create an endpoint” and select "Avalanche" and whichever network you wish then click on "Continue":

3. Configure any add-ons you want for your endpoint.

4. Click on "Continue" at the bottom to select the most appropriate plan for your application. If you're trying Avalanche out for the first time, our Launch plan comes with a 7-day free trial! After selecting your plan you can create your endpoint.

5. Woohoo! You now have access to a powerful QuickNode Avalanche node.

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