Binance & QuickNode Team Up To Deploy Fast Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Node Infrastructure for Web3 Developers

QuickNode deploys global Node RPC service for Binance Smart Chain to support the growing number of users, developers and dApps using the BSC network!

Binance & QuickNode Team Up To Deploy Fast Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Node Infrastructure for Web3 Developers

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is one of the most popular & active EVM-compatible (Ethereum Virtual Machine) networks today.

BSC allows "users to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other."

Secured by POS (proof-of-stake), the BSC network averages around 47 TPS (transactions per second), versus Ethereum MainNet's 15 TPS, allowing for faster, smoother, less-expensive transfer of assets, which is especially helpful for #DeFi projects.

It is home to applications like PancakeSwap, which has about 46,000 daily active users and $5 Billion in assets locked in its smart contract (TLV), according to DappRadar.

"We are excited to support the efforts of Binance to bring scalability & speed to the #DeFi space, and overall attract more users and developers to blockchain & Web3" says Dmitry Shklovsky, co-founder of

Learn more about BSC on QuickNode here:

How to get started with BSC on QuickNode

  1. Sign up for an account on
  2. Click "Create Node" and select an API plan:
API Plans

3. Select "BSC" at the top of the next page, and any add-ons you require:

BSC Network & Add-Ons

4. Complete checkout on the next page, and...

5. Congratulations, you're Done!

User Interface

You can now use your HTTPS or WSS provider endpoints to connect to the BSC network!

Now your project can be powered by global, high-performance node infrastructure from QuickNode!

If you want to learn more about Binance Smart Chain, check out their website here:

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Why QuickNode

QuickNode makes running Blockchain nodes easy so developers can focus on the dApps they’re building, instead of worrying about DevOps/NodeOps, uptime, scaling, security, etc...

QuickNode saves valuable time getting to-market while taking away the headache of node maintenance and synchronization. It’s a valuable tool in every dApp developer’s arsenal that was created by developers for developers. Visit QuickNode’s Guides section for more information.

Today, the QuickNode network processes over 9 Billion requests per month, from over 10 regions worldwide!

If you have any feedback, reach out to us via Twitter, or our community server on Discord.

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