Feature Fridays: BlockTorch

BlockTorch is a trailblazing observability platform for web3 builders and has made its API globally available to all QuickNode customers.

Feature Friday: BlockTorch

BlockTorch is a trailblazing observability platform that equips web3 builders with the tools they need to analyze and optimize their decentralized applications (dApps) infrastructure.

For this Feature Friday, we are joined by Gery, the Co-founder and CEO of BlockTorch, to discuss the company's mission, growth, and future plans. With a vision to empower the decentralized future, BlockTorch provides comprehensive observability tools for developers, including logs, metrics, and traces, to help them deliver data-driven products users love. Their dedication to simplifying the development process for increasingly complex dApps has made them an essential resource in the competitive world of web3 and developer tooling.

As we dive into this conversation, we explore how BlockTorch has evolved since its inception, as well as its strategic partnership with QuickNode, a key player in the web3 ecosystem. We'll also discuss prominent trends in the web3 space, Gery's journey in founding BlockTorch, and their new Blockchain Observability add-on in the QuickNode Marketplace.

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BlockTorch Blockchain Observability API
QuickNode 🤝 BlockTorch — available in the QuickNode Marketplace

Q&A with BlockTorch 👇

Could you introduce yourself by sharing your name, prior experience, and current role within your company? Additionally, please briefly explain your company's mission and what it offers to its customers.

I am Gery, co-founder & CEO at BlockTorch. Prior to building BlockTorch, I worked in FAANG and VC with a focus on business development in B2B tech & developer tooling.

Our mission at BlockTorch is to empower all web3 builders with the needed tools to dig into the behavior of decentralized infrastructure, do advanced root cause analysis, become data-driven, and deliver products that users love.

Our users can utilize the pillars of observability — logs, metrics, and traces — across their decentralized applications’ architecture. So with BlockTorch the full end-2-end story of user interaction can be measured, visualized, and investigated, from the front-end to the on-chain activity.

How has your company grown and changed since its inception, and what do you have planned for its future?

BlockTorch was incorporated in August 2022. Since then, we have grown to a couple of hundred users who signed up and tested our Alpha MVP, have grown to a team of six and raised funding from leading VCs and angels in web3 and dev tooling.

Today [May 5th], we have released the beta of BlockTorch, which is available to the public. Our immediate next goals are to learn about how users will utilize the beta to iterate upon the feedback and grow the BlockTorch team further.

One of the most prominent trends we are seeing are roll-ups, and I personally believe Layer-3s will gain momentum in the coming years. A general trend we can see is that the architecture of dApps are getting more complex while dev tooling is growing to make it easier for engineers to build these more complex dApps.

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Can you describe a successful project or initiative that your company has undertaken, and what were the key factors that contributed to its success?

The release of the beta is the most exciting project so far. Of course the final success of the beta will only be shown within the next couple of weeks/months, but the fact that we dared and managed to build the first end-2-end observability for dApps combining off-chain and on-chain data with an extremely low barrier to get started is by itself definitely a success.

What inspired you to develop BlockTorch, and how did you conceive it?

We have seen the impact of observability tooling like Datadog on the adoption of the cloud ourselves. We are strong believers in the future and power of web3 but saw the clear need to empower engineering teams with observability tooling to level up their game.

BlockTorch UI

Is there a new feature of BlockTorch that you find particularly exciting or noteworthy?

The query builder that powers the search for logs as well as setting up monitors is really powerful and at the same time easy to use. There is no coding required, no need for indexing data yourself or writing SQL, but still allows a high level of complexity in the queries.

Is there a new feature of BlockTorch that you find particularly exciting or noteworthy?

With our Alpha MVP we have a couple hundred users that grew fully organically. Design partners include Router Protocol and Lens.

How does your company utilize QuickNode, and what benefits does it bring to your business operations?

To provide web3 builders the best experience throughout the development lifecycle we are partnering with QuickNode to provide QuickNode’s users with observability tooling out of the box.

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