Feature Fridays: Backpac

Backpac is helping to scale web3 by providing high throughput blockchain access. Now available in QuickNode Marketplace!

Feature Fridays: Backpac

Welcome back to Feature Fridays! This week, we're exploring the world of blockchain connectivity with Allyn Alford, the founder of Backpac Inc.

Allyn Alford, with a professional background spanning over a decade in enterprise integrations, is at the helm of Backpac. His expertise has been crucial in spearheading initiatives that elevate blockchain connectivity. Under Allyn’s leadership, Backpac Inc. has embarked on a mission to scale the web3 ecosystem to new heights, paralleling the achievements of web2.

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Q & A with Backpac 👇

Could you introduce yourself by sharing your name, prior experience, and current role within your company?

I'm Allyn Alford, the founder of Backpac Inc. With a professional background spanning over a decade in enterprise integrations. My role involves spearheading initiatives to elevate blockchain connectivity. Our mission at Backpac Inc is to contribute to the scaling of the web3 ecosystem to levels akin to web2. We empower organizations with redundancy, ensuring seamless access to multiple blockchain node providers. Our commitment lies in enhancing throughput to decentralized networks, thus providing valuable solutions to our customers.

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How has your company grown and changed since its inception, and what do you have planned for its future?

Since our inception, Backpac has undergone significant growth and evolution. In the middle of September, we marked a pivotal moment with the launch of our inaugural product, an add-on featured within the QuickNode marketplace. Looking ahead, our strategic vision for the future involves further expansion, innovation, and the introduction of cutting-edge solutions. We are committed to advancing our offerings, fostering strategic partnerships, and staying at the forefront of technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers and contribute meaningfully to the blockchain and web3 ecosystem.

What inspired you to develop Backpac, and how did you conceive?

The inspiration behind the development of Backpac stems from my extensive background and experience in constructing high-availability systems. The pivotal moment that catalyzed the inception of Backpac was my engagement in building my first decentralized application (dApp). Notably, the primary concern that surfaced during this endeavor was the vulnerability of the dApp's connection to blockchain nodes. The absence of redundancy in the system, coupled with prevalent headlines detailing outages impacting decentralized applications, underscored the critical need for a comprehensive solution. This realization served as the impetus for conceiving Backpac—a venture dedicated to addressing the connectivity challenges inherent in decentralized ecosystems and providing robust solutions to enhance reliability and resilience.

Can you provide insight into Backpac’s progress by sharing any metrics or milestones indicating its traction?

Backpac has experienced exceptional growth, with both customer base and revenue increasing by over 100% monthly. This notable traction underscores the effectiveness of our solutions and the increasing recognition of Backpac within the market, reflecting our commitment to delivering value and meeting the evolving needs of our expanding customer base.

Can you provide insight into the target market for Backpac and what types of clients you work with?

Backpac has garnered widespread adoption across the web3 ecosystem, attracting a diverse array of organizations. Our clientele encompasses a range of entities, including cryptocurrency exchanges, NFT collections, and trading platforms. The dynamic nature of our client base is evident in the ongoing evolution, with new companies consistently choosing to partner with Backpac each week. This diversity reflects the broad applicability of our solutions and our ability to cater to the varied needs of entities within the blockchain and decentralized technology landscape. 

What benefits does Backpac on QuickNode’s marketplace offer? How do you see the partnership evolving the landscape of web3?

 The inclusion of Backpac within QuickNode's Marketplace presents significant advantages for organizations seeking to embrace decentralization in their products. By expanding the range of solutions readily available through QuickNode, our partnership aims to facilitate a swift and comprehensive adoption of decentralized technologies. Precisely, the Backpac + QuickNode collaboration is strategically positioned to contribute to the genuine scalability of web3, enabling it to handle transaction volume and throughput comparable to web2 standards efficiently. This endeavor is poised to catalyze an accelerated adoption of web3 technologies in the applications that constitute our daily digital experiences, thereby reshaping and advancing the landscape of web3.

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