Feature Fridays: Bandit

Bandit uses QuickNode to create a seamless, multi-chain user experience.

Feature Fridays: Bandit — A Q&A with QuickNode

Bandit is a web3 platform that aggregates NFT minting across different blockchains, making it simpler and more convenient for developers, brands, and users to create and distribute NFTs.

For this Feature Friday, we sit down with Arul Armstrong and Puneeth Gowda, the Backend and Frontend Leads of Bandit Network. With years of experience in the blockchain industry, they've created a platform that simplifies the NFT creation and distribution process. Arul and Puneeth talk about the web3 trends they're currently seeing, and also discuss the importance of tools like QuickNode in providing fast and reliable access to different blockchains for a seamless customer experience.  

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Bandit Network Homepage — Empowering users to discover, mint, and collect NFTs.

Q&A With Bandit 👇

Who are you, and what does your company do?

My name is Arul Armstrong, and I have been working in the blockchain space for five years now. Currently, I am a part of the development team at Bandit Network as the Backend Lead.

My name is Puneeth Gowda, and I have been working in the blockchain space for five years now. Currently, I am a part of the development team at Bandit Network as the Frontend Lead.

Bandit Network is a web3 platform aggregating NFT minting across different blockchains. As a team, we aim to create a seamless and convenient experience for developers, blockchains, and brands to create and distribute NFTs. We also offer tools, protocols, and resources for users to discover, mint, and collect the NFTs that matter to them.

How has your startup evolved since its inception, and what are your plans for the future?

Since its inception, Bandit Network has evolved significantly. We started as a simple NFT Mint Aggregator, but with time, we realized the need for a more comprehensive platform that could cater to the growing demand for NFTs. Our plans for the future include expanding our platform's capabilities and offering more tools and resources to our users. We also plan to support more blockchains to enable users to create NFTs from a broader range of ecosystems.

The biggest trends in web3 that I am seeing right now are the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the increasing use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in various industries. Both DeFi and NFTs have been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years, and I expect them to accelerate even more in the future.

How did you come up with the idea for Bandit?

The idea for Bandit Network came from our collective experience working in the blockchain space. We saw the growing interest in NFTs but also the challenges that developers and users were facing in creating and distributing them. We wanted to create a platform that could simplify the NFT creation and distribution process and enable more people to participate in this emerging market.

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What is a recent feature you may have added that excites you?

One recent feature we added is the ability for users to mint NFTs across different blockchains using any cryptocurrency. For example, if a user wants to mint an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, they can use any cryptocurrency they hold in their wallet. As an example, BONK token can be used as one of the cryptocurrencies to mint NFTs on Bandit Network. So, if a user wants to mint an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, they can use BONK tokens to do so. This provides an additional use case for BONK tokens beyond governance and staking, making it more versatile and valuable for users.

Can you share any metrics or milestones that show off the traction Fortephy is receiving?

We are currently seeing a lot of traction on our platform, with over 100,000+ users and over 50,000+ NFTs minted to date. We have also partnered with several leading blockchain projects and brands, including Unstoppable Domains, Magic Eden, NFT Evening, and Moonpay to name a few.

How are you using QuickNode? How does QuickNode help your business?

We are using QuickNode to provide our users with fast and reliable access to different blockchains. QuickNode helps our business by improving our platform's performance and ensuring that our users have a seamless experience when creating and minting NFTs.

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