Feature Fridays: Boto

Boto uses QuickNode to seamlessly connect with multiple chains and focus on its core business.

Feature Fridays with Boto and QuickNode

Boto is the no-code automation platform for creating and sharing bots that automate your web3 activities.

For this Feature Friday, we sit down with Breno, Founder and CEO of Boto. With years of experience in blockchain and previously having served as the head of Revenue Intelligence for Ripple, Breno has always been interested in automation and the potential of web3. In this Q&A, he shares some impressive metrics and milestones that demonstrate the traction that Boto has been receiving.

Breno also breaks down the importance of tools like QuickNode in allowing Boto to connect seamlessly with multiple chains and focus on its core business. If you're interested in web3 and automation, keep an eye on Boto and the exciting developments ahead!

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Q&A With Boto 👇

Who are you, and what does your company do?

I am Breno, founder and CEO of Boto, a no-code automation platform for web3. Before Boto, I was head of Revenue Intelligence for Ripple and have been in the blockchain since 2016.

What excites you about web3?

I love how web3 enables computers to transfer value digitally. If we think about it from a purely human perspective, it enables business globally. But if we think from an automation or A.I. perspective, it allows machines to exchange with each other, using purely digital assets. This opens up so many use cases.

Since the current down market, I see more projects working towards sustainable growth. There are fewer funds available, causing non-sustainable projects to fade away and allowing projects with sustainable business models to grow. Similar to what happened with the '.com' boom. As a result, I expect in the next few years to see more use cases that bring real value to users instead of being fueled by FOMO. Today, bots can help users to avoid FOMO and make better decisions through automation.

How did you come up with the idea for Boto?

I have always used automation to work efficiently, so when people kept asking me to build bots for different projects, I realized there was a gap. None of the current no-code platforms allow you to build your own logic and share that with others. In web3, those needs are even bigger. If you are not a developer, you will have to spend a lot of time monitoring the 24/7 blockchains and doing things in this space.

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What is a recent feature you may have added that excites you?

We add new features every week; most recently, we launched blocks that allow you to call any Ethereum smart contract function and monitor the Ethereum blockchain for any events! A user has used this to monitor for Mutant Ape listings that have unclaimed rewards so they can buy the NFT, claim the rewards, and relist them afterward.

But I am most excited about the upcoming on-chain action bots. We are starting with bots that can repay your AAVE loan automatically, but soon we will be able to automate much more. Using the previous example, you would be able to buy the NFT, reclaim the rewards, and relist it all automatically.

Can you share any metrics or milestones that show off the traction Boto is receiving?

We launched a little over 16 months ago, and we have grown 100% organically to over 4 thousand active monthly users, doing over 8 million bot actions per month. Some users have created more than 1 thousand bots!

In total, our users have created over 50 thousand bots, 700 recipes, and added boto to over 6 thousand Discord servers, with a total of 13 million members.

How are you using QuickNode? How does QuickNode help your business?

Tools like QuickNode are the backbones of our platform, allowing us to connect with multiple chains seamlessly. Our business model is to focus on the logic layer, on top of data. Without QuickNode, we would have to build the data layer in addition to the logic layer, which would be too much.

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