Feature Fridays: CoinAPI

CoinAPI is transforming how users access cryptocurrency data. Now available in QuickNode Marketplace!

Feature Fridays: CoinAPI

Welcome back to Feature Fridays! This week, we're exploring the dynamic world of cryptocurrency data with Artur Pietrzyk, the founder of CoinAPI.

With a rich background in high-frequency market-making in the crypto sector, Artur's expertise has been pivotal in the evolution of CoinAPI. His journey, which began well before the company's official launch in 2017, highlights his deep involvement in the cryptocurrency space and his vision for a unified data platform.

CoinAPI is transforming how users access cryptocurrency data. By providing a single platform for real-time and historical cryptocurrency information, CoinAPI is bridging the gap between complex data needs and user accessibility. Their services, ranging from Market Data APIs to innovative solutions like the EMS Trading API, are designed to cater to a diverse clientele - from individual traders to large financial institutions.

Discover the impact CoinAPI is making in the world of cryptocurrency data and how it's empowering users with efficient, comprehensive data solutions.

CoinAPI is now available in the QuickNode Marketplace!

Now in QuickNode Marketplace!

Q & A with CoinAPI 👇

Could you introduce yourself by sharing your name, prior experience, and current role within your company?

I'm Artur Pietrzyk, CEO of CoinAPI. My venture into CoinAPI began before its official founding in 2017, driven by my passion for high-frequency market-making in the crypto world. CoinAPI was initially a hobby project but has evolved to address the need for a single platform to access real-time and historical cryptocurrency data. Today, we've expanded beyond our Market Data API, aiming to be the hub for diverse cryptocurrency data services.

How has your company grown and changed since its inception, and what do you have planned for its future?

CoinAPI has evolved from a startup working with a few exchanges to a major player in the cryptocurrency data industry. Our Market Data API, known for its ease of use, now offers enhanced features like REST, WebSocket, and FIX protocols, along with S3 data delivery. We provide real-time and historical data, detailed orderbooks, trade data, Metrics API, and accurate reference rates (exchange rates), addressing diverse cryptocurrency market data requirements

Our future at CoinAPI is focused on expanding our toolkit with exciting new additions. We have already developed the EMS Trading API, which simplifies connecting to numerous exchanges all at once, thereby making trading more efficient. This innovative API enables real-time trading across various markets and exchanges with sub-millisecond accuracy, perfect for traders using
algorithmic models. Alongside this, we're working on the OnChain API to provide deep insights from various blockchain networks. Each of these developments is a step towards our goal of seamlessly integrating the worlds of cryptocurrency and traditional finance. Our dream? To bring the crypto world and regular finance closer together, making them work seamlessly. We're always working on new ideas to make our services faster, better, and more useful for everyone.

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What inspired you to develop CoinAPI, and how did you conceive?

My journey to creating CoinAPI began with a personal need and market gap. In my early days as a developer, while exploring high-frequency market-making models in the emerging world of cryptocurrency, I encountered a significant challenge: the absence of a single, comprehensive platform for accessing diverse market data.This challenge sparked my inspiration to develop CoinAPI. What started as a personal project to meet my own needs soon grew into something much bigger – a vital resource for tapping into the rapidly expanding universe of cryptocurrency data from a growing list of exchanges. CoinAPI, thus, transformed from a personal solution into an essential tool for the huge crypto community.

Can you provide insight into CoinAPI’s progress by sharing any metrics or milestones indicating its traction?

Since CoinAPI came to life in 2017, our journey has been one of remarkable growth and achievement. Picture us at the beginning, a small team with a bold idea, integrating data from only a handful of exchanges. Fast forward to today, and our landscape has dramatically transformed. We now connect with over 350 exchanges, painting a rich and detailed panorama of the cryptocurrency market.
Our commitment to rapid response times and robust infrastructure has shaped our identity. We're not just a data provider; we've become a trusted partner in the crypto world, a reliable source that our users turn to for quality data. This story, our story, is one of steady ascent, driven by innovation and user-focused development.

Can you provide insight into the target market for CoinAPI and what types of clients you work with?

Our services cater to a broad spectrum of clients in the crypto and financial markets. We serve algorithmic traders who utilize our real-time and historical data for strategy development, financial institutions for market analysis, fintech companies for platform integration, and developers and researchers who need accurate crypto data. Our focus on delivering precise and timely data makes us a trusted partner for a wide array of clients in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What benefits does CoinAPI on QuickNode’s marketplace offer? How do you see the partnership evolving the landscape of web3?

CoinAPI on QuickNode’s marketplace means unified, high-quality crypto market data access for end users. This partnership marks a step towards a more interconnected web3 ecosystem, where reliable data drives innovation. We foresee this collaboration fostering innovative market data uses in web3 applications, further integrating crypto markets with traditional financial sectors.

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