Feature Fridays: Havoc Trading

Havoc uses QuickNode's unmatched speed and globally positioned servers to outmaneuver competitors.

Feature Fridays: Havoc Trading

Feature Friday is back, and today we're diving deep into the realm of decentralized trading platforms with Havoc. The crypto world has seen a significant uptick in innovative trading tools, platforms, and strategies, all driven by an unwavering commitment to address market needs and offer enhanced user experiences

Our guest today chose to remain anonymous, a testament to the communal ethos behind Havoc. However, they were open to sharing the journey of creating Havoc, the challenges they identified in the market, and the solutions they've put in place. From addressing the rise of scam projects with their unique Anti-Rug feature to introducing a 100% revenue share program for its holders, Havoc seems to be on a promising trajectory. Join us as we delve into an engaging Q&A session, unpacking the story and future of Havoc.

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Q&A with Havoc Trading👇

Could you introduce yourself, detail your role, and discuss your company's mission and offerings?

While I prefer to maintain my anonymity as we built this project with a communal spirit, I can certainly share our journey. We perceived a pressing need in the market for an accessible trading platform. Dex traders, we noted, faced a glaring dearth of available trading tools. Thus, our ambition was to create an inclusive platform, offering these tools to all.

With the market turning bullish, the rise in scam projects was alarming. Our Anti-Rug feature addresses this issue by preempting such scam projects with a sell transaction. In essence, our dApp shields users from potential frauds, and we're constantly refining this feature.

Havoc also introduces a 100% revenue share program for its holders. For instance, holding 1% of $HAVOC, assuming our platform commands 1% of Uniswap’s volume, could earn you a potential $200 daily in ETH.

How has Havoc evolved and what's next on the horizon?

In a mere two weeks since launching our Beta dApp, we’ve witnessed a staggering quarter million in volume, signaling just the beginning of our journey. While many of our future strategies remain under wraps, our overarching vision is crystal clear: to simplify decentralized exchange trading. We're gearing up to cater to day traders, newcomers, seasoned investors, and project enthusiasts.

The current vogue is 'Sniping', a trend our platform adeptly capitalizes on. I foresee 'Limit Orders'—allowing users to purchase at precise price points—gaining traction. Our dApp aims to facilitate emotion-free, hands-off trading. Additionally, I'm personally excited about the burgeoning Social Fi sector. Our forthcoming chart platform, Havoc Vision, integrates a social component, empowering users to rate and discuss diverse projects.

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What ignited the spark to create Havoc?

The market, in its nascency, lacked a plethora of basic trading tools. Recognizing this gap, we envisioned Havoc, introducing features like automated profit targets, stop losses, and limit orders.

Could you shed light on Havoc's current trajectory?

While still in its beta phase, our dApp has already executed over 1,500 trades, amassing $250,000 in volume.

Who stands to benefit the most from Havoc?

Havoc is designed for all crypto-enthusiasts. Whether you’re a Uniswap aficionado or a novice, Havoc beckons. Our unique 1:1 revenue share for $HAVOC holders ensures that everyone profits from trading fees, especially as our platform gains traction.

How has QuickNode fortified Havoc's operations?

QuickNode is unparalleled in blockchain API calls, thanks to its globally positioned servers. Their claim of being 2.5 times faster than peers resonates with our experience. Their speed has empowered us to consistently outmaneuver other sniper bots. Our integration with QuickNode, coupled with our expertise in transaction decoding, crowns us as the fastest bot in the industry. While Unibot may have pioneered the field, our seasoned developers, honing their skills since 2017, have raised the bar, making Havoc’s backend unmatched in speed and reliability.

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