Feature Fridays: Sonorus

Sonorus is changing the way we find and listen to music.

Feature Fridays: Sonorus

We're back with another killer Feature Friday. This week, we're stepping into the revolutionary domain of music discovery and consensus with Sonorus. In a world dominated by centralized music charts and streaming platforms, Sonorus emerges as a Web3 game-changer for artists and listeners alike.

Our guest today is Michael, the CEO and Co-Founder of Sonorus. Michael is far from your typical founder. With prior experience that has deeply informed his current role, he leads Sonorus with a unique vision to redefine how music is discovered and shared. He is candid about the inspiration behind Sonorus, the state-of-the-art technology they've deployed, and the grand vision shaping the company's future.

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Sonorus — A Music Discovery & Consensus Platform, On Web3

Q&A with Sonorus👇

Could you introduce yourself by sharing your name, prior experience, and current role within your company?

My name is Michael, the CEO of Sonorus.

Sonorus operates as a groundbreaking music discovery and consensus platform, allowing listeners to not only enjoy their favorite songs but also earn rewards through support and investment. Think of us as a Billboard charts on Web3.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way music is found and distributed. In the traditional music industry, 90% of the attention is directed towards the top 1% of songs, leaving numerous potentially great pieces unnoticed. However, Sonorus changes this dynamic. Every song that receives investment gets an equal chance to gain consensus and rise to popularity. Regardless of the song's initial popularity, all users who contribute to boosting its ranking will receive rewards. This embodies the core purpose and vision of Sonorus.

How has your company grown and changed since its inception, and what do you have planned for its future?

Since our inception, Sonorus has been on a mission to revolutionize the discovery and distribution of music. Our belief is simple but powerful: By changing how music is found and shared, we can bring more joy to music enthusiasts and empower artists to shine and receive fair compensation for their work. This vision has guided our growth and transformation:

From the very beginning, we've been dedicated to creating mechanisms that incentivize users to discover beautiful songs and share them with a wider audience. Together, a successful referral program was launched in Vietnam, during which countless of capable referrers and KOLs share the vision with us and bring more newbies to Sonorus.

Later, we discovered a deeper truth: widespread distribution of a song is a testament to the consensus formed among audiences. This concept of consensus quickly resonated with Sonorus audiences who embraced the new paradigm and enjoyed enhanced mechanisms, including song rankings and dynamic yield. Now users are not only encouraged to nominate their favorite artists and songs but also earn rewards from successful nominations, gaining support from other audiences who recognize the value and potential of these songs.

Looking to the future, our commitment remains unwavering. We will continue to champion the concept of 'music consensus,' reinforcing our belief that music serves as the ideal gateway to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. We have exciting plans to launch campaigns that will further this mission, bringing us closer to our goal of revolutionizing the music industry while fostering greater inclusivity and fairness for artists and music enthusiasts alike.

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Can you provide insight into Sonorus Protocols’ progress by sharing any metrics or milestones indicating its traction?

Yes, we are pleased to share the significant progress and traction achieved by Sonorus. Here are some key metrics and milestones that highlight our growth and engagement:

  1. Sonorus now boasts nearly 200,000 registered users globally. This substantial user base reflects the increasing interest and adoption of our platform.
  2. We're thrilled to report that we currently enjoy a high amount of active wallets and rank among the Top 10 on DAppRadar's Social list. This recognition underscores the active and engaged user community on Sonorus.
  3. Our community is a vibrant hub of activity, with more than 30,000 members actively participating in discussions and exploring investment opportunities on Sonorus. This level of engagement demonstrates our users' strong interest and trust in our platform.

These metrics and milestones collectively showcase the positive traction and growth Sonorus Protocols has achieved. We remain committed to further enhancing our platform, expanding our user base, especially introducing more Web2 music lovers to Web3 world.

How does Sonorus leverage QuickNode’s platform and services?

Our company leverages QuickNode's robust RPC endpoint to enhance our blockchain-related operations in several ways. Primarily, we rely on QuickNode's RPC endpoint for semi-realtime on-chain event handling and transaction submission, which has proven to be invaluable for our business. Here's a more comprehensive breakdown of how we utilize QuickNode and the benefits it provides:

  1. Real-Time Blockchain Monitoring: QuickNode's RPC endpoint allows us to monitor blockchain activities in real-time. We can track events, transactions, and smart contract interactions as they occur on the blockchain. This capability is crucial for staying up-to-date with the latest developments and ensuring timely responses to on-chain activities.
  2. Efficient Transaction Submission: When it comes to submitting transactions to the blockchain, QuickNode's infrastructure ensures fast and reliable transaction processing. This efficiency is particularly important for our business, as it helps reduce confirmation times and enhances the overall user experience.
  3. Scalability and Reliability: QuickNode's infrastructure is designed to handle high loads and offers excellent scalability. This means that as our business grows and we encounter increased blockchain activity, we can rely on QuickNode to provide a stable and responsive RPC endpoint.
  4. Cost-Effective Solutions: QuickNode's pricing model aligns with our business needs. We can choose from various plans to match our usage, helping us optimize costs while benefiting from premium blockchain infrastructure.

Overall, QuickNode plays a pivotal role in our blockchain strategy, enabling us to seamlessly interact with blockchain networks, monitor events, and submit transactions in a reliable and efficient manner.

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