By popular demand, we are publishing a user-submitted video on how to purchase a QuickNode and use the built-in QWallet to participate in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) / token sale / distribution event (what have you).

The benefit to using a QuickNode is that you are sending your transaciton to your own, personal Ethereum Node (your ‘express lane’ to the Ethereum blockchain), and are not relying on public Node infrastructure (which can be congested and slow at times).

The benefit to using the built-in free QWallet is that you don’t need to fill out lengthy form fields to connect your personal Node to MyEtherWallet. Your password-protected node is automatically connected and you interact with it every step of the way inside the QWallet.

Need to check your token balances a hundred times? Go ahead!

Need to send a bunch of transactions quickly? No problem!

Developers: QuickNode has full support for all of the RPC methods besides the wallet functions (for obvious reasons) — so go ahead and give your Web3 app a fast, reliable, dedicated ETH node!

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