Immutable zkEVM & QuickNode: The Future of Blockchain Gaming Infrastructure

Immutable zkEVM Mainnet is a gaming-focused, secure, and economical Ethereum L2 solution, engineered to seamlessly bring the next billion gamers onto the blockchain.

Immutable zkEVM & QuickNode: The Future of Blockchain Gaming Infrastructure
Immutable zkEVM is now live on the QuickNode platform!

We’re excited to announce the integration of Immutable zkEVM, a Layer 2 blockchain explicitly designed for gaming. Now live on the QuickNode platform, this revolutionary technology brings Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, unprecedented scalability, and Ethereum-level security to the gaming world.

Immutable zkEVM debuted as QuickNode's latest addition, promising to redefine blockchain gaming. By incorporating Immutable zkEVM into our ecosystem, QuickNode is set to elevate the gaming experience for developers and players alike, pushing the boundaries of web3 gaming with robust, scalable, and secure blockchain solutions.

Key Advantages of Immutable zkEVM:

EVM Compatibility: Unleash the full potential of Ethereum’s programming capabilities, paired perfectly with custom smart contracts, rich economies, and on-chain mechanics.

Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness: Enjoy the benefits of high throughput and low transaction costs, ideal for intricate game designs.

Ethereum Security: Leverage the renowned security model of Ethereum for safe and secure gaming experiences.

Gas-Free Transactions for Players: A landmark move to eliminate gas fees, ensuring a seamless and affordable gaming experience.

A Chain Built for Blockchain Gaming

Unlike general-purpose chains, Immutable zkEVM is specifically engineered for gaming applications. It recognizes that the gaming industry requires optimized scalability, speed, and user-centric experiences. Immutable zkEVM transcends basic developer tooling, focusing on empowering game studios with vital resources like liquidity, community, and powerful network effects.

Empowering Revenue Growth and User Experience

With Immutable zkEVM, game developers can unlock new revenue streams and safeguard their communities while ensuring a smooth, frictionless gaming experience. The live Testnet provides a sandbox environment for developers to innovate in-game asset minting and economy designs, accessing all of Immutable’s platform products without risk.

What Sets Immutable zkEVM Apart from Other zkEVMs?

While zkEVM technology is becoming a standard for Ethereum scaling, Immutable’s version, built on Polygon scaling technology, stands out. It's not just a zkEVM rollup; it's a full-fledged Web3 gaming platform offering a suite of compatible products like Passport, Orderbook, and Checkout. This one-stop-shop approach simplifies the process of building Web3 games, providing developers with a comprehensive EVM solution tailored for gaming.

Why QuickNode?

QuickNode makes blockchain infrastructure easy, freeing developers to focus on the dApps they’re building instead of everything that goes into running a node, such as DevOps/NodeOps, uptime, scaling, security, etc.

We save developers valuable time, getting their dApp to market faster while removing the headache of node maintenance and synchronization. QuickNode is an indispensable tool for dApp developers’ arsenal that was created by developers for developers. Visit our guides section for more information.

Today, the QuickNode network processes over 200 Billion requests per month across over 13 regions worldwide.‌‌

To learn more about Immutable zkEVM and its capabilities, visit the following resources:

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