Introducing Dedicated Clusters: Your Ultimate Blockchain Infrastructure Solution

QuickNode is revolutionizing the web3 infrastructure landscape with the launch of Dedicated Clusters, offering unparalleled robustness and redundancy.

Introducing Dedicated Clusters: Your Ultimate Blockchain Infrastructure Solution

Today, we’re excited to launch Dedicated Clusters — the most robust and redundant dedicated node clusters that power the world's leading web3 brands.

In the fast-evolving landscape of blockchain and web3 technologies, the demand for robust, scalable, and exclusive infrastructure solutions is at an all-time high. Enterprises are in dire need of platforms that can guarantee performance consistency, high availability, and unparalleled redundancy.

To better enable top developers and enterprises worldwide, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Dedicated Clusters from QuickNode, our ultimate infrastructure solution built to bolster top web3 brands with the most powerful dedicated node clusters in the space.

Dedicated Clusters are designed for those who need ultimate performance. Get access to the ultimate infrastructure solution on the market, customized to your needs and backed by a team dedicated to your success. 

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What are Dedicated Clusters?

Dedicated Clusters represent the pinnacle of blockchain infrastructure solutions.

The configuration used by Dedicated Clusters consists of a group of two or more nodes of the same chain located in a single region. This provides exclusive access to the Cluster’s resources, ensuring your operations always benefit from dedicated capacity.

Unlike single dedicated nodes, Dedicated Clusters run on completely redundant distribution systems powered by multiple nodes, ensuring that even if one node requires a patch, your Cluster remains operational.

Dedicated Clusters allow you to build limitlessly with a bespoke solution that blends ultimate performance, superior redundancy, and predictable cost, without any compromises or surprises. 

Unmatched Benefits of Dedicated Clusters

Dedicated Clusters provide a suite of advantages tailored for mission-critical workloads that demand enterprise-level capacity:

  • Truly Unmetered Performance:
    • Gain exclusive access to a group of nodes, ensuring your applications run with high availability and consistent performance, unaffected by the sporadic traffic spikes that can impact shared resources.
  • Superior Redundancy and Reliability:
    • Dedicated Clusters are built on a fully redundant, mirrored system with 2N distribution, offering you peace of mind with uninterrupted service, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Cost Predictability:
    • With fixed monthly pricing, Dedicated Clusters eliminate financial surprises, simplifying budgeting and financial planning for enterprises.

Key Features that set Dedicated Clusters apart

If your enterprise requires the highest throughput, lowest latency, and uncompromising reliability, Dedicated Clusters are the solution.

Ultimate performance with custom hardware

You won’t find this level of performance from other providers wrapping cloud services that only offer dedicated nodes.

Dedicated Clusters are powered by custom hardware and built for blockchain, giving you ultimate performance with the best hardware on the market.

Whether it's powering apps, making DeFi trading decisions, or incorporating blockchain event-driven logic into your workflows, Dedicated Clusters are designed to handle your performance needs and dynamically scale to your demands.

Your users demand the best in performance, why shouldn’t you?

Dedicated capacity = greater redundancy + more peace of mind

Dedicated Clusters offer redundancy that dedicated nodes simply can’t. Unlike a single “dedicated” node, Dedicated Clusters ensure you can forget any fears of downtime. 

Dedicated Clusters consist of two or more nodes of the same chain in a single region, forming a fully redundant, mirrored system with dual independent distribution systems. This means if a node in your Dedicated Cluster needs a patch, your Cluster stays up.

This setup not only guarantees exclusive access to the node group but also follows the highest redundancy principles utilized by leading web3 companies. 

Try doing that with just a dedicated node.

One price. Zero surprises. Limitless growth.

Say goodbye to overages, multipliers, and rate-limiting errors.

With Dedicated Clusters, your monthly costs are fixed and predictable, which simplifies your budgeting, eliminates potential overages, removes any worry about the complexity of managing multiple provider relationships, and keeps your focus on innovation, not infrastructure.

Your cluster: your rules. Your operations: fully isolated.

Dedicated Clusters offer an isolated environment free from the sporadic traffic spikes that can affect shared resources. This not only protects your operations but also ensures predictable performance and lower rates.

  • Single Tenant Infrastructure:
    • With fully isolated resources, your operations are shielded from external threats and internal bottlenecks, guaranteeing smooth and secure performance.
  • Positively Private:
    • Sleep easy knowing that no other company can see your pending transactions from the node’s mempool.
  • Best Practice Principles:
    • Leverage the same IT principles trusted by the world's leading businesses.

Our infrastructure ensures compliance and operational integrity in the web3 space, with a commitment to privacy and non-interference in your activities.

Global availability and local superiority with geo-steering

Imagine your application’s data everywhere, all at once, without issue.

Choose your preferred global location and cloud provider, including AWS, CloudFlare, Google Cloud, and Oracle, ensuring your operations are where you need them, when you need them.

Our service infrastructure is strategically distributed across key regions to ensure exceptional reliability, redundancy, and low-latency access for users worldwide. The majority of our services are hosted in the following data center locations:

    • North America:
      • Washington, D.C.
      • New York
    • Europe:
      • Frankfurt, Germany
      • London, United Kingdom
    • Asia:
      • Singapore
      • Tokyo, Japan

What can Dedicated Clusters unlock for you?

Dedicated Clusters represent the pinnacle of our infrastructure, offering unparalleled scalability, redundancy, and consistency. 

If you’re looking to leverage unparalleled performance and security for your blockchain operations, Dedicated Clusters by QuickNode are your go-to solution.

Ready to see for yourself?

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