Introducing Graph API

Fetch powerful market insights, trading data, transactions by wallets and contracts, cached NFT images, and more with our simple Graph API.

Introducing QuickNode Graph API

We're incredibly excited to launch Graph API on the QuickNode Platform!

Blockchain developers constantly seek innovative solutions to build and deploy scalable, high-performance applications. Enter QuickNode's Graph API — a comprehensive, multi-chain solution for querying and fetching the blockchain data that matters the most. Launch your next project 10x faster, boosting productivity and dApp performance.

Get started with Graph API!

Web3 Developers, Meet QuickNode Graph API

Designed with Web3 developers in mind, QuickNode's Graph API enables you to fetch powerful market insights, trading data, transactions by wallets and contracts, cached NFT images, and more — all in one seamless integration with your existing tech stack.

Key Benefits of Graph API:

  • Effortless data access: Graph API provides easy access to a wide range of blockchain data, including NFTs, ERC20 tokens, and transactions by wallet or contract. This comprehensive data coverage enables developers to build feature-rich applications without the need for multiple data sources.
  • Streamlined integration: The Graph API is designed to work seamlessly with your existing tech stack, eliminating the need for complex workarounds and time-consuming configuration processes.
  • Optimized performance: By allowing developers to retrieve only the necessary data, Graph API significantly reduces the overhead associated with traditional APIs, resulting in faster application response times and a better overall user experience.
  • Reliability and uptime: QuickNode's Graph API is backed by a robust infrastructure that ensures high availability and consistent performance, giving developers the confidence to build and deploy applications without worrying about downtime or data inconsistencies.
  • Intuitive GraphQL API building tools: Graph API provides an easy-to-use GraphQL interface, enabling developers to build and test their queries quickly and efficiently, with real-time feedback on the data being returned.
  • Real-time updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest NFT, ERC20, and transaction data through subscriptions and mutations, ensuring that your applications always display the most current information.

Whether you're working on an NFT marketplace, wallet app, NFT/token dashboard, or NFT website, QuickNode's Graph API offers an unmatched set of features and capabilities that will help you accelerate your development process and bring your blockchain applications to market faster than ever before.

Get Started with Your Favorite Language

Embrace endless possibilities with the Graph API. Focus on what matters and launch faster, whether you're building an NFT Marketplace, Wallet App, NFT/Token Dashboard, or NFT Website. QuickNode's Flexible and Powerful Graph API has got you covered.

Multi-Chain Insights

QuickNode Graph API currently supports:

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Ethereum Sepolia
  • Polygon Mainnet
  • With more chains coming soon!

Level-Up with Graph API

QuickNode's Graph API is the ultimate solution for developers seeking a simplified, more efficient way to build and deploy. It caters to the demand for high-performance, scalable GraphQL solutions while offering user-friendliness and ease of use for developers.

Get started today and experience the benefits of QuickNode's Graph API for your Web3 development projects.

Get Instant Access to Graph API

You can start using the Graph API immediately with your API key.

Once you have your API key, it should be set as an x-api-key request header. i.e. in the GraphQL playground, click HTTP HEADERS at the bottom and add the following:

{ "x-api-key": "API-KEY-HERE" }

API Endpoint:

GraphQL Playground:

To learn more about Graph API and its capabilities, visit the following resources:

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