An Ethereum Wallet Search Engine

Ever wondered how much all those tokens in your ETH account are worth?

Or maybe you were looking for a better way to keep track of your investments?

Now it’s as simple as plugging in your address and clicking Search! is a free service that will search your ETH account and show all the tokens it is holding, their quantities, price in BTC/USD/EUR/JPY/KRW, and total value — in an easy to read tile layout.

You will also get a full Account Value at the top, so you know how much your entire account is worth.

Token values and prices auto-update every minute, so you can just have the browser tab open and keep an eye on your investments all day.

At the heart of QWallet is an ETH MainNet Node from QuickNode. Your wallet data is stored on the Ethereum Blockchain, which the node holds and maintains up-to-date, to the latest block.

Every time you click “Search”, the app calls the QuickNode using RPC API for the tokens in your account. Then it cross-references the symbols and fetches price data. Lastly, the user is shown tiles with token names, quantities, and dollar values.

The team at saw an opportunity to create a tool that would benefit the growing Ethereum community, and an excellent way to show developers how a QuickNode can be applied in a web app.

Yes, there are two other popular tools that will search your account and give you values, but they don’t focus on User Experience and are missing prices for some tokens.

QWallet provides a simple and elegant layout for viewing your token and total account values, for the diversified ETH investor.

So go ahead… search your account on, or anyone else’s — you’ll be surprised at what you find!