Join QuickNode’s Preferred Partner Network

QuickNode's Preferred Partner Network is more than just a referral program; it's a community of top-tier blockchain companies setting new standards for partnership in web3 — and beyond!

Join QuickNode’s Preferred Partner Network

In an industry as dynamic as ours, the need for collaborative strength and strategic partnerships has never been more pronounced. With limited resources for innovation and increased competition for customer budgets, it’s getting harder and harder to go it alone. The goal isn’t just to survive market shifts, but to thrive. The right partnerships can open doors, cut costs, and create opportunities that go beyond what any single company can achieve alone.

That’s why we’re introducing our new Preferred Partner Network!

We already have some of the most prominent logos in web3 in our network, but we’re just getting started. We aim to set the gold standard in enterprise partnership programs that drive ecosystem-led growth (ELG). This strategy is not just about unlocking new opportunities; it's about building strength within the network that spotlights the unique values of each participating organization and unearths holistic solutions through partner collaboration.

The Vision and Structure of the Preferred Network

The Preferred Partner Network is an ecosystem encompassing a range of B2B blockchain companies — from major infrastructure providers to boutique consulting agencies and development studios. Participation in this network is a mutual commitment based on thorough evaluations and a shared vision of driving industry growth and adoption.

Our goal is to achieve global recognition for the network as a coalition of best-in-class service providers, trusted by both web3 and traditional industries.

Understanding the Tiered Structure

The network operates under a tiered architecture, ensuring that the most engaged partners receive substantial investment from QuickNode. Partners progress through the tiers — Member, Select, or Preferred — based on performance against a number of joint metrics ranging from co-selling and deal flow velocity, joint-solution sophistication, and market response.

Program Benefits

The program offers many benefits, including guaranteed deal flow, revenue sharing, co-marketing opportunities, marketing development funds, co-selling resources, partner badges, access to exclusive events, and tailored engagement models.

Partner Engagement Models to Fit a Variety of Businesses

Our models cater to various business needs, including referral and co-sell partners, reseller partners, managed services providers, and white-labeled partnerships.

Joining the Preferred Partner Network

Joining is straightforward. Prospective partners participate with QuickNode to conduct an initial Total Addressable Market (TAM) analysis and meet minimum enablement commitments. The application process involves submitting a simple form, followed by a preliminary review and subsequent discovery call to determine the best engagement model.

A Special Invitation

As we launch, we're offering extra perks for early birds. This is a unique opportunity to become pioneers in a program set to transform the industry.

The Preferred Partner Network is more than a program — it's a movement. Join us, and let's redefine the future of blockchain together.

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