Polygon (formerly Matic) is Now Live on QuickNode API!

The teams at Polygon and QuickNode have joined forces to provide robust, reliable, high-performance node infrastrucutre to developers & projects building on top of Polygon's L2 (Layer 2) scaling solution for Ethereum.

Polygon (formerly Matic) is Now Live on QuickNode API!

With network congestion and high gas fees on ETH MainNet lately, L2 solutions are on the rise. L2's are excellent to keep transaciton costs low, throughput high, while maintaining the smart-contract functionality of the blockchain pioneered by Ethereum.

Polygon has ambitious goals, way beyond just a L2 chain: to be a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. It is EVM-compatible, secured by Proof-of-Stake, and scalable. To learn more, visit Polygon's documentation: https://polygon.technology/get-started/

What is QuickNode API?

QuickNode API is the fastest way to build on the world's most popular blockchains. Any software engineer can integrate with blockchain at production scale in one day – without speaking to anyone or signing long-term contracts. Learn more about the platform here: https://blog.quicknode.com/what-is-quicknode-api/

“QuickNode makes it easy for any blockchain developer to seamlessly launch a dApp, and combined with Polygon-grade txns this will further solidify the tooling infrastructure on Polygon.”– Sandeep Nailwal, COO and Co-Founder, Polygon

Getting Started With Polygon on QuickNode API

To connect your project/dApp/wallet to the Polygon network, you'll need a node endpoint (aka RPC URL).

  1. Register for an account on QuickNode.com
  2. Click "Create Node" and Select an API plan
Select a Plan

3. Select "Polygon" at the top of the following page

4. Complete checkout on the next page, and...

5. You're Done!

You can now use your HTTPS or WSS provider endpoints to connect to the Polygon L2 network!

Projects like Polymarket, Quickswap DEX, Aavegotchi and Neon District have already made Polygon their home.

Your project can be next, powered by high-performance node infrastructure from QuickNode!

Why QuickNode

QuickNode makes running a Blockchain node easy so developers can focus on all the wonderful dApps they’re building, instead of worrying about DevOps/NodeOps, uptime, scaling, security, etc...

QuickNode saves valuable time getting to-market while taking away the headache of node maintenance and synchronization. It’s a valuable tool in every dApp developer’s arsenal that was created by developers for developers. Visit QuickNode’s Guides section for more information.

If you have any feedback, reach out to us via Twitter, or our community server on Discord.

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