Deep Dive Comparison: Infura, Alchemy, QuickNode

Nodes & related infrastructure are critical for developing and operating in the Web3 space. It can be confusing to decide on the best provider based on price for what you get. We compare 3 popular providers, show overage costs, and lay out some real world comparison scenarios.

Deep Dive Comparison: Infura, Alchemy, QuickNode

Price structures and plans vary in ways that obstruct true comparison, so we dug in and created a transparent distilled pricing chart for QuickNode, Infura and Alchemy.


note: we have deducted that in Alchemy's pricing, on average, 1 request call = about 25 compute units (CUs) – source
note: all mentions of the overages offered for Infura  are not available to be purchased on a "per call" basis. You can buy their bundle of an additional 1M calls per day for an additional $200/Mo. This bundle is included in our "Heavy Use" pricing comparison.

Here are some simple, real world comparisons:

We've done the math with overages, etc... to depict typical scenarios to compare – from dev work & prosumer/trader volumes, to TheGraph / Subgraph indexing, chain analytics, and heavy/mega workloads from apps with traction 🚀

Common calls include eth_call,  eth_getBlockByNumber,  eth_getTransactionReceipt,  eth_getBalance,  eth_getLogs.

DEV USE: 300K Calls / month

INFURA: Free, archive calls = $250 add-on, Community Support

QUICKNODE: $9/mo, archive calls = $250 add-on, 24h Support Response Time

ALCHEMY: Free, unlimited archive, Best-Effort Support

LIGHT USE: 3M Calls / month

INFURA: $50/mo, Direct Customer Support

QUICKNODE: $36/mo, 24h Support Response Time

ALCHEMY: $149/mo, unlimited archive, trace & debug module

MODERATE USE: 20M Calls / month

INFURA: $225/mo, 24h Support Response Time

QUICKNODE: $99/mo, 100 free archive calls, 12h Support Response Time

ALCHEMY: $1849/mo, unlimited archive, trace & debug module

HEAVY USE: 60M Calls / month

INFURA: $390/mo, 24h Support Response Time

QUICKNODE: $299/mo, 300 free archive calls, 8h Support Response Time

ALCHEMY: $5849/mo, unlimited archive, trace & debug module

MEGA USE: 150M Calls / month

INFURA: $1000/mo, 8hr Support Response Time

QUICKNODE: $749/mo, 300 free archive calls, Priority Support

ALCHEMY: $14,849/mo, unlimited archive, trace & debug module

We aimed to be as objective as possible and show the true value in each provider's advertised plan. Details on our math here.

QuickNode Tools à La Carte

One size doesn't fit all, so why pay for features you don't need? With QuickNode we let users choose the add-ons they need and the abstractions/tools that can help them build the best version of their app:

Trace Module: $25/month - Trace mode allows you to request the node to reexecute the desired transaction with varying degrees of data collection.

Archive Data: $250/month - Archive mode means that all historical states of values in smart contracts as well as all balances of an account are accessible.

Webhooks: $25/month - Get notified of up to 100k Smart Contract events per month + $1 for every additional thousand events we send. Learn more.

BTC Address Index: $25/month - Get the balance of any BTC address with a single call. Learn more.

Ease of Use, Performance, Support

Additional aspects in comparing web3 infrastructure are ease of use, performance and customer support. We have had dramatic feedback from our users about our superiority around these; why they're switching to QuickNode and enjoying massive improvements.

UniCrypt had this to say about our speed:

"I can confirm that switching to QuickNode sped up our back end API blockchain polling near to 100x. This is not a ballpark figure, the speed increase was measured for long-running Ethereum cron jobs and the results were exponentially better in every case." More here.

ParaSwap said this:

“We just switched to @QuickNode in & the results are awesome. +50% performance gain. We went from ~600ms to ~280ms response time. It's the time to retrieve market prices, run our fast algorithm & find the best rates across DEXs.”  More here.

Dune Analytics had this to say about ease of use:

"I logged on to Quicknode, entered my credit card details and changed the URL in our Kubernetes config map and everything worked. Out of the box. No further configuration. No custom code." More here.

McKurz Capital said this about our customer support:

"Nice job by the QuickNode team to get me back up and running after some technical problems. Great customer service!" More here.

Avastars said this about our customer support:

"While building out the infrastructure for @AvaStarsNFT I can't overstate how incredible it has been working with @bunsen and @QuickNode." More here.

Final Thought

The big takeaway here is this: our reliability, support, and performance are unmatched. We put you on a speedy path to value and if you intend on scaling your dApp, you save huge with QuickNode.

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