QuickNode Announces Support for Scroll and its Seamless Scaling!

By introducing Scroll zkEVM on QuickNode, we aim to further our commitment to providing developers with diverse, efficient, and powerful blockchain solutions.

QuickNode Announces Support for Scroll and its Seamless Scaling!

Scroll Mainnet and Testnet are now live on the QuickNode platform!

QuickNode is thrilled to announce support for Scroll zkEVM – a pioneering blockchain designed by and for Ethereum developers. Dive deep into Scroll's unique offerings and discover how blockchain developers can harness its unprecedented capabilities.

QuickNode’s Scroll infrastructure is now accessible to everyone on our platform.

Get instant access to Scroll!

QuickNode & Scroll: Collaborating for a Scalable Tomorrow

By introducing Scroll on QuickNode, our mission is to continuously offer developers varied, efficient, and powerful blockchain tools. As Scroll aims to redefine and advance Ethereum’s roadmap, QuickNode is elated to contribute to this innovative evolution.

For developers aligned with Scroll’s mission of securing Ethereum’s future, now's the golden opportunity to start building for the next generation. With QuickNode's sturdy infrastructure backing Scroll, there’s no boundary to the innovations you can craft.

Introducing Scroll

Scroll seamlessly extends Ethereum’s functionalities via zero-knowledge tech and EVM equivalence. Dedicated to providing an accessible scaling solution that encapsulates the essence of Ethereum, Scroll is the embodiment of trust-minimized, secure, and open-source evolution.

Designed with a commitment to bytecode-level compatibility, Scroll ensures Ethereum applications can transition smoothly and affordably.

Key Features of Scroll

  • EVM-Equivalence for Seamless Scaling: Crafted by Ethereum developers, for Ethereum developers, Scroll is the epitome of reliability and scalability. Existing Ethereum apps can migrate to Scroll without any hitches.
  • Collective Vision for Ethereum’s Future: Scroll champions an open development approach, merging ingenious ideas from contributors who share a common vision, ensuring robust and secure systems.
  • Security Layered in Every Fiber: Using cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof technology and rigorous audits, Scroll stands tall as a bastion of security and reliability.
  • Technical Rigor and Credibility: Ensuring stability and credibility, Scroll maintains an unbiased neutrality, focusing on technical precision and impactful results.

How Scroll Operates

Being Ethereum-compatible at bytecode-level, Scroll ensures everything functions straight out of the box. Developers can bridge their ETH to the Scroll Sepolia Testnet, change their RPC provider, and kickstart their development journey using their preferred tools.

Building on Scroll

Scroll isn’t merely a new layer; it's a paradigm shift in Ethereum's landscape. With an emphasis on zero-knowledge proofs and zkEVMs, developers get an array of advanced tools and resources to scale Ethereum's potential.

The open community approach and solid foundation make Scroll an exciting frontier for blockchain enthusiasts and developers.

Why QuickNode?

QuickNode makes blockchain infrastructure easy, freeing developers to focus on the dApps (decentralized applications) they’re building instead of everything that goes into running blockchain infrastructure, such as DevOps/NodeOps, uptime, scaling, security, tooling, etc...

By eliminating the headache of node maintenance & synchronization, and providing a comprehensive, end-to-end platform, we save developers valuable time getting a high-quality dApp to-market faster, and help businesses scale and execute their Web3 strategies.

QuickNode is an indispensable tool in a Web3 developer’s arsenal that was created by developers for developers, battle-tested by industry-leading projects.

Today, the QuickNode network processes over 200 Billion requests per month across 35+ networks, in 14+ regions worldwide.‌‌

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To learn more about Scroll and its capabilities, visit the following resources:

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