QuickNode Marketplace Unleashes Covalent's Powerful Blockchain Data Tools

The QuickNode Marketplace just got even better with the addition of 7 powerful add-ons from Covalent, a leading blockchain data solutions provider.

QuickNode Marketplace Unleashes Covalent's Powerful Blockchain Data Tools

Empowering Developers with Robust Data Solutions

The QuickNode Marketplace just got even better with the addition of 7 powerful add-ons from Covalent, a leading blockchain data solutions provider.

This integration brings Covalent's extensive suite of onchain data tools to developers' fingertips, enabling them to seamlessly access and leverage comprehensive blockchain data within QuickNode's intuitive ecosystem.

"Launching Covalent's onchain developer tools (Unified API, SDKs, GoldRush Kit) on the QuickNode Marketplace is a key step to democratize access to onchain structured data," said Ganesh Swami, CEO of Covalent. "This collaboration enhances our reach and empowers developers with robust, scalable tools to innovate and optimize their blockchain applications. Together, we're setting new standards for data accessibility and cryptographically verifiable data in Web3."

Visit QuickNode Marketplace now to explore Covalent’s add-ons for your next big idea!

Elevate Your Development with QuickNode Marketplace

The QuickNode Marketplace is your go-to hub for all things Web3.

Designed to provide seamless access to a curated selection of tools and services that will streamline your blockchain development journey, it offers a diverse range of internal RPCs, APIs, and external partner add-ons. QuickNode’s Marketplace aims to streamline the development journey by connecting developers with high-quality, vetted services, enabling rapid deployment and project optimization.

With Marketplace, you can access an entire universe of Web3 tooling at your fingertips. Select from dozens of add-ons, including Covalent's robust APIs, to build super-powered decentralized applications (dApps) effortlessly.

Introducing Covalent’s Add-ons: A Comprehensive Toolkit

Whether you're building cutting-edge DeFi protocols, enhancing wallet applications, or promoting NFT collections, Covalent's add-ons offer a robust set of tools to streamline your development process and unlock new possibilities.

With a single, unified API that spans 200+ chains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, and more, developers can now effortlessly integrate real-time and historical blockchain data into their applications.

Here’s a closer look at what each add-on offers:

  1. Transactions API - Access all historical transactions with human-readable events and fiat prices for over 200 blockchains.
  2. Wallet API - Retrieve all current and historical wallet balances and transfers for ERC20, NFTs, and native tokens across multiple blockchains, including Solana and Bitcoin.
  3. NFT API - Get cached NFT asset and metadata, along with sales history, ownership, trait, and attribute filters, and spam filtering on Ethereum and Polygon.
  4. Blockchain API - Access all block, transaction, and event-level on-chain data for 200+ blockchains.
  5. Cross-Chain Activity API: With one API call, you can get a snapshot of a wallet's Web3 activity, listing active chains and the ‘last-seen’ date.
  6. Security API - Secure wallets by providing a list of all token and NFT contracts that can spend on a wallet's behalf, including the allowance granted, value-at-risk, and a risk assessment.
  7. GoldRush Kit - Beautifully designed, open-source React components for front-end development.

How to Get Started with Covalent Add-ons

Here’s how you can start using Covalent’s add-ons via the QuickNode Marketplace:

1. Select Add-on: Click this link to browse the full list of Covalent add-ons offered on the QuickNode Marketplace. Please note that all add-ons are currently in Beta and are published after an initial four-week trial period with at least 25 subscribers. Additionally, by purchasing any Covalent add-on, you get access to ALL the other Covalent add-ons in the QuickNode Marketplace.

2. Review Add-on: Each add-on has a dedicated landing page with comprehensive details, common use cases, and code samples from our primary developer tools: Unified (REST) API, Client SDKs, and GoldRush Kit (React components)

3. Select and Pay for a Plan: Covalent offers the following plans through the QuickNode Marketplace:

      • Premium - $50/mo, 50K API credits
      • Professional - $250/mo, 300K API credits
      • Platinum - $500/mo, 650K API credits

API credits are consumed by the various add-ons using the developer tools (Unified API, Client SDKs, GoldRush Kit). To use the add-ons, you’ll need to purchase credits in tiers, which differs from the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model supported directly by Covalent.

4. Click on ‘Take me to provider’: This will direct you to the Covalent Platform Landing page, where you can see details of your API key, including usage, code snippets, and links to other developer resources.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Blockchain Applications

By integrating Covalent's powerful data solutions with the QuickNode Marketplace, blockchain data is more accessible and actionable than ever before. Whether you’re building wallet and portfolio trackers, securing transactions, or enhancing user interfaces with up-to-date blockchain data, Covalent’s add-ons have you covered.

"We're thrilled to bring Covalent's cutting-edge data solutions to the QuickNode Marketplace," said Brandon Turp, Senior Business Development & Partnerships Manager at QuickNode. "This partnership underscores our commitment to providing developers with the best tools and resources to build incredible blockchain applications. With Covalent's add-ons, developers can unlock more potential for onchain data and take their projects to new heights.”

Get Started Today

Dive into Covalent's add-ons on the QuickNode Marketplace today and experience the power of seamless blockchain data integration. Whether you're refining an existing project or starting a new one, the tools you need for enhanced performance, scalability, and data-driven innovation are at your fingertips.

Visit the QuickNode Marketplace and start building with the best tools in the industry today!