Introducing QuickNode Marketplace

An entire universe of infrastructure at your fingertips! Select from dozens of add-ons that make building super-powered dApps easier than ever.

Introducing QuickNode Marketplace

We're beyond excited to announce the launch of QuickNode Marketplace — a product that has been a big part of our vision for years now.

When we first started QuickNode, we built with the core RPC in mind. A dedicated solution for people to run their own nodes. As things settled down in the crypto space in 2018 ("Crypto Winter"), we noticed developers started using our platform more and more but were telling us that it was too expensive. So we launched shared resources with QuickNode API. The customers were telling us they wanted additional chains. So we started building tooling to add new chains quickly, and now we have 15 publicly supported chains!

After establishing dominance in the multi-chain space, we started getting requests for all sorts of stuff, everything from Graph Nodes to Event Web Hooks. Some of which we built. But the requests are kind of infinite. Things like custom indexes on a per smart contract basis, NFT data, GraphQL APIs, ERC20 token data, REST APIs, Block explorers, Gas Estimation methods, Global mempool data, Transaction relay guarantees, NFT marketplaces, and the list goes on and on!

We quickly realized we couldn't keep up with the demand, and we were going to have to find a point of leverage if we were going to get these developers the tools they needed. So we started laying out the roadmap for what we called QuickNode Marketplace. We've been heads down, hard at work for the last six months, and are so proud to release it into the wild today!

QuickNode Marketplace enables you, as a developer, to register any REST, GraphQL, or JSON RPC endpoints with our service and have them accessible to our 100k+ developers at the click of a button. Our business model is a traditional marketplace revenue share of 70/30 — with add-on developers taking 70% of the revenue.

We have some mind-blowing add-ons you won't really find anywhere else for our launch:

Crossmint – An NFT minting API that allows you to mint new NFTs in a single call to the API.

BlockNative – Web3's most accurate gas fee prediction — a trusted provider of reliable and accurate gas estimation.

Luabase – The easiest way to query any blockchain with SQL, analyze it in notebooks, and embed the data in your app with our API.

FlashBots Protect – An add-on that offers the benefits of bundles to single transactions: front-running protection and costless reverts.

Blocktorch – A multi-chain observability platform for any smart contract. Access logs, metrics, and all the data you need easily and quickly.

You can add any of these add-ons to your account if you're on our latest version of billing. And if you're interested in building an add-on, you can find out more at or if you have a QuickNode account already, just click "Developer" on the left nav bar, which will take you to

We're looking for early feedback as we just launched this today at Messari's Mainnet conference. Looking forward to your feedback!

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