Arbitrum & QuickNode: Cutting edge L2 scaling solution for Ethereum

We’re excited to announce the support for Arbitrum One, the Arbitrum Deployment on mainnet, and Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet in collaboration with Offchain Labs to scale the Ethereum ecosystem, making it more usable by everyone.

Arbitrum & QuickNode: Cutting edge L2 scaling solution for Ethereum
Connect your dApp to Arbitrum with QuickNode today!

Arbitrum is the next step in Ethereum scalability. The main goal of the team behind Arbitrum is to scale the Ethereum ecosystem by decreasing transaction confirmation times and gas fees.

Arbitrum is based on optimistic rollup technology, which means that all transactions are settled off the main Ethereum chain, on a Layer 2 Arbitrum chain, but then this transaction data is verified and stored on the ETH Layer 1 chain — leveraging the security of Ethereum. It is meant to provide an easy-to-use platform for dApp developers, with high scalability and efficiency.

Arbitrum is considered one of the most compatible EVM rollups solutions out there, all the way up to the bytecode level — which means that all the EVM compatible code like Solidity and Vyper works out-of-the-box. Contracts on Ethereum and Arbitrum One can interact with each other via message passing, to maintain the state. The team working on Arbitrum made sure to make it so that a person starting to develop on Arbitrum One has to do little or no changes to their existing Ethereum Layer 1 contracts. They also have a vast array of documentation to help developers who are just entering the space which can be accessed here.

With Offchain Labs’ (the team behind Arbitrum) vision and support, we are announcing full support for Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet to improve developer tooling and provide more resources & options to developers.

“We are incredibly excited to have Quicknode offer their suite of API services to Arbitrum One users. The Quicknode team has been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to continued  collaboration.” -- Steven Goldfeder, CEO, Offchain Labs

Arbitrum has already seen significant adoption from the blockchain community, as well as enterprises. They already have an L1/L2 bridge and block explorer running fluidly.

“QuickNode is committed to providing the most choice to the developer community, and the launch of Arbitrum is an exciting addition to our offering. Arbitrum is a leading Layer 2 solution with superb interoperability features, low transaction costs, and a thriving ecosystem, and we are excited to help drive future development by adding Arbitrum support to QuickNode’s world-class infrastructure and developer tooling.” -- Amol Shah, CRO, QuickNode

To learn more about Abitrum and Offchain Labs refer to the following links:

Arbitrum website

Arbitrum ecosystem

Arbitrum bridge

Arbitrum block explorer

Developer Documentation

Offchain Labs website


QuickNode Arbitrum RPC Docs

Here’s how to create a new Arbitrum node on QuickNode:

  1. Sign up for an account on
  2. Click “CREATE NODE” and select an API plan:

3.   Select “ARBITRUM” at the top of the next page, and choose the network from Mainnet and Rinkeby Testnet.

4.  Click on “CONTINUE TO BILLING” and complete the checkout process on the next page.

5.  Once done, you should be all set with a fully synced Arbitrum node :)

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