QuickNode's Q3 Roundup: Shipped Products and Features

Product launches, new chain support, marketplace additions, and more.

QuickNode's Q3 Roundup: Shipped Products and Features

Can’t stop, won’t stop…building and shipping!

The energy from a breakthrough Q2 has propelled us to achieve even more in Q3 2023. From remarkable new pricing plans to new chain support to new QuickAlerts features and much more — it’s been another productive quarter at QuickNode.

Let's dive in!

Introducing new plans and pricing!

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve ramped up API credits for each plan based on the needs of our customers. For example, the Scale plan now offers 3 Billion API credits, outpacing competitors like Alchemy by 2.6x.
  • We simplified our multipliers so it's easier for our customers to plan their usage with QuickNode. Instead of 100s of different multipliers across calls, most method calls fall within five buckets, so you will never be surprised with a bill again.
  • We introduced a brand new Discover+ plan for $10/mo geared for developers needing extra API credits and two endpoints.
  • Crypto payments are now available for all Discover+, Build, Scale, and Enterprise users in the dev portal.
  • Expanded IPFS features for decentralized storage and data access needs.
  • New QuickAlerts features are available on all plans.

QuickNode's new plans:

Enhanced new plans

New Chain Support: zkSync, Stellar, Scroll, and Base — plus Ethereum Holesky, Arbitrum Sepolia, and Optimism Sepolia

QuickNode continues to expand our support for the most popular chains, furthering our commitment to providing developers with diverse, efficient, and powerful blockchain solutions.

The latest platform support includes:

Introducing QuickStreams: We're beyond excited to share a new product coming soon. QuickStreams provides real-time blockchain data streaming with guaranteed delivery. This one is a game-changer!
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QuickNode IPFS: gateways and pinning for blockchain developers

Use QuickNode to upload, store, manage, and retrieve data on the IPFS network through our pinning services and dedicated gateways. Learn more.

Dedicated Gateways

QuickNode's IPFS gateways offer a user-friendly, HTTP-accessible interface to IPFS, eliminating the need for special software and providing enhanced performance with customizable, public or private access options.

Pinning Services

Our pinning solution offers a user-friendly interface and tools for uploading, managing, and accessing files. Plus, we provide increased reliability and performance, ensuring your pinned files are always available, accessible, and quick to load.


With QuickNode's IPFS REST API, you can connect seamlessly to IPFS and utilize the following APIs:

  • Gateway: Create and manage gateway from the IPFS network through the gateway API.
  • Pinning: Pin, view and manage pinned content to ensure its availability.
  • Account: Fetch account usage information, including bandwidth and storage metrics.

Read more about QuickNode's IPFS REST API.

New in QuickNode Marketplace

QuickNode Marketplace is the one-stop shop for web3 development tools and add-ons. We're currently working with the best partners to add even more functionality and versatility to the platform — empowering developers to build innovative applications and solutions. Here are the new add-ons that have been released so far this year:

Build the future. Get paid.
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QuickAlerts Evolution: Mainnet, Testnet, and QuickShare

QuickAlerts Base Mainnet and expanded our testnet supports, including networks such as Arbitrum Goerli, Avalanche Fuji, and Polygon Mumbai, among others.

Introducing QuickShare for QuickAlerts adds a cherry on top, streamlining sharing capabilities for our users.

Key features of this evolution:

New networks added to QuickNode Faucet

QuickNode Multi-Chain Faucet is a blockchain tool that drips testnet tokens to developers — and anyone else who requests them — for free. You typically use these tokens for creating test transactions on the associated blockchain, such as contract deployments, transferring funds, and debugging failed transactions. In Q1, we added another four networks to our already awesome faucet:

  • ETH Holesky
  • Optimism Sepolia
  • Arbitrum Sepolia
  • Scroll Sepolia

Even More New Q3 Features and Products!

QuickNode SDK

This quarter, we released QuickNode SDK 1.1.0 to npm, integrated balances table response for automated testing, and added support for tracking gas fees.

Get started with our SDK today!

New Docs and Guides

Our documentation and technical guides have been completely revamped. With improved UX, search capabilities, and simplified navigation, finding the information you need has never been easier.

Here are just a few of our new guides:

Also, make sure to check out our updated changelog!

Introducing Feature Fridays: Every Friday, we'll highlight some of the best startups in the blockchain space and feature them on QuickNode's blog and Twitter account. Click here to apply

QuickNode's YouTube Channel

We have some amazing video tutorials and guides available on our YouTube channel. Also, make sure to check out the latest On-Chain Report!

On-Chain Report ep4: Tokenization with Jas Takhar from RippleX

Meet the new QuickNode Dashboard

Our latest dashboard update introduces an enhanced user experience with:

  • Comprehensive billing and usage views
  • Insights into active products, highlighting the most active endpoints
  • Additional features include side navigation for monthly usage, Marketplace add-on management, and dark mode!

See the new QuickNode Dashboard!

And the year isn't over yet...

The pace of innovation at QuickNode remains unrelenting. This Q3 roundup emphasizes our ongoing pledge to deliver cutting-edge tools and enhanced support to our developer community. With the final quarter underway, we anticipate even more thrilling updates and launches.

Happy Building!

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