QuickNode 2020 Recap

A look back at QuickNode's accolades & accomplishments in 2020.

QuickNode 2020 Recap

The year 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most bizarre.

A tough time indeed, however pressure creates diamonds. It is through this time individuals and teams like QuickNode went heads down -- kept coding, building, and shipping.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

In 2020 QuickNode experienced its most exciting & transformational year (expanded team, shipped new products, features) and exponential growth (now serving 3B+ requests/month).

Without further adieu, here’s a recap of QuickNode's 2020:

  • Developed QuickNode Boost Technology
    • acceleration layer for RPC requests, serves calls up to 300% faster
  • Shipped QuickNode API
    • a globally-balanced, elastic API service for Ethereum, Bitcoin, xDai
  • Developed QuikRoute
    • intelligent routing engine for RPC requests
    • increased platform efficiency, cost savings for users
  • Released New Website & UI
    • QuickNode v2; rebuilt website and UI from scratch
  • Deployed New Platform Features
    • domain masking & URL filtering
    • new RPC metrics, graphs, analytics
  • Created QuickNode Compare
    • web3 provider speed comparison tool
  • Released Web3 Guides Portal
    • 19+ high-quality web3 & blockchain tutorials
  • Released WebHooks feature
    • monitoring & alerts for Smart Contract events
  • Created Etherflow Web3 Debug Tool
    • RPC composer and node debugging tool
    • support for web3js and ethers.js
  • Developed Support for BCoin
    • node client diversification for Bitcoin
    • BTC address indexer add-on
      • get BTC wallet balance with just 1 call
  • Wrote 27 Original Blog Articles
    • customer spotlights
    • web3 & blockchain news
    • lifehacks & tutorials
  • Shipped 15 #Web3Vibes Newsletters
    • latest in Ethereum + news from the industry
  • Sponsored Multiple Hackathon Events
  • Participated in 2 Podcasts
    • Blockchain Enterprises Podcast link
    • Forward Thinking Founders Podcast link

The outlook for 2021 is bright. There is greater adoption, traction, and awareness of blockchain technology than ever before. From crypto’s price action, to developer tools which helped produce some of the most exciting applications.

QuickNode is committed to providing developers, businesses, teams large and small access to high-performance, reliable blockchain data: a robust platform that meets the needs of dApp developers, financial institutions, professional traders, #DeFi users, gamers, node operators, and enthusiasts.

We are proud to serve the Ethereum, Bitcoin, and xDai communities -- with support for more chains on the way. Our mission to support and scale blockchain ecosystems remains true.

Let’s onboard the next Billion users onto #Web3, together!


The QuickNode Team

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