Remote Work Tools Spotlight

Today, remote work is more relevant than ever. In this editorial, we will highlight some of our and our partners’ SaaS tools, which we’re leveraging now to persist daily business operations. We hope you can utilize them as well!

Remote Work Tools Spotlight

When we started QuickNode in 2017, our goal was to create a remote-first company. With so many amazingly powerful tools and widespread Internet connectivity, there was really no reason to have an office (and the overhead that comes with it!).

Today, remote work is more relevant than ever. Moreover, we happen to work with many like-minded companies which are either 100% remote, or are remote-friendly.

In this editorial, we will highlight some of our and our partners’ SaaS tools, which we’re leveraging now to persist daily business operations. We hope you can utilize them as well!


A simple API and Node service used by dApps & developers to access blockchain data. - Project & Task Management

  • How we use it: Clubhouse helps us organize our tasks. Everything from engineering & development, to sales, marketing, and bug squashing — can be managed from a unified interface.
  • What we love: Free for teams under 10 users. Having a single UI to view what needs to be done, what is in-progress, and what’s up ahead… as well as stats on how quickly things are getting done. The integrations with tools like GitHub, Airbrake, and Slack are great.

Dropbox Paper - Notes & Live Collaboration

  • How we use it: We use it to jot down ideas, create outlines & drafts, assign tasks / to-do’s, and collaborate in real-time. It’s not a full-on document editor like Google Docs, but the features it does have are super-polished and easy to use — just enough to get the job done efficiently.
  • What we love: It’s free and has a myriad of features; from assigning tasks, embedding images, commenting, creating tables & timelines. Possibly the best concise/all-in-one text editor (we used it to create this post!).

World Time Buddy (WTB) - Global Time Converter

  • How we use it: How do you find the right time to hold a conference if your members are across 4 time-zones? Working with partners and companies all over the world, it helps to communicate in their local time and business hours.
  • What we love: WTB is free and has a handy mobile app for scheduling across multiple time-zones, on-the-go. Helps us nail the best times for conference calls when working anywhere, with anyone.


Gilded simplifies accounting and payments for businesses that use cryptocurrencies.

Canva - Graphic Design For Everyone

  • How we use it: We use Canva to rapidly create graphics for marketing campaigns, blog posts, landing pages, and more.
  • What we love: Professional graphic design tools like Photoshop can be overwhelming. Canva is the perfect balance between power and simplicity, with tons of pre-built graphics to help you get started quickly. The cloud interface makes it super easy for our team to collaborate and riff on each others’ work, amplifying our efforts.

Intercom - User Onboarding, Support, and Retention

  • How we use it: Intercom makes it super simple to communicate with our most important asset, our users. The chat widget enables us to quickly address questions while the user is still in the app.
  • What we love: Intercom's integrations with other apps like Slack, helps us keep our response times lightning fast.

Slite - Collaborative Notes

  • How we use it: Slite makes startup life simpler. We use Slite to document everything. Meeting notes, reports, ideas, customer discovery, investor conversations...they all go in Slite.
  • What we love: Slite offers channel/categories, making it super simple to find documents in a large shared library. With the Ping feature we can easily alert our team members about changes to documents. We use Templates to create pre-set structures for common documents like meeting notes.


Automates web3 and web2 integration with a no-code Zapier style UX.

Notion - All-in-One Workspace for Notes, Tasks, Wikis

  • How we use it: Notion is extraordinarily powerful. Its templates eliminate the need to spend a whole meeting or your valuable brainstorming time coming up with a format for a spreadsheet or doc—and it caters to engineering, sales, and product folks. We use it for tracking our users, customers, and people in our network as a replacement for Hubspot and Google Sheets.
  • What we love: It's free for under 1000 "blocks" for you and your team to collaborate, so perfect for a pilot to get started.

Evernote - Notes Tools

  • How we use it: Google Drive just became too cluttered with documents. After they achieved market dominance, Gdrive really had no reason to iterate. We use Evernote for making it easier to tag notes and share notebooks.
  • What we love: While not great for synchronous real-time collaboration, Evernote is great for sharing work notes with the team—so it's good for industry research or processing drafted materials.

Toggl - Time Tracker

  • How we use it: The team doesn't collaborate on Toggl, but it's a lifesaver for remote work and keeping yourself accountable.
  • What we love: Once you get started, you're hooked, and you feel way more productive in the long run.

Night Eye - Universal Dark Mode Chrome Extension

  • How we use it: You probably experience the night-owl work life, especially if you're working from home. Use this to change the way you work before sleep or after you wake up.
  • What we love: You might have F.lux to change screen hues. But if you're working late / waking up early, you need to ease your eyes into adapting to your screen. F.lux helps with reducing blue light, but it doesn't help with screen brightness—Night Eye turns almost any Chrome tabs into dark mode. Never looking back.

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