QuickNode Graph API Update

QuickNode Graph API Update

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline and enhance our offerings, we have decided to sunset our Graph API and Polygon Token/NFT APIs. This decision will pave the way for more advanced and specialized tools that better align with our community’s evolving needs.

If you have questions or need help transitioning from Graph API, please get in touch with support@quicknode.com

Graph API Alternatives:

Introducing BlockSpan’s NFT API With Cached Metadata

Blockspan’s NFT API gives you direct access to NFT metadata, exchange data, transaction activity, historical pricing, scam/spam scores, rarity, and ownership information in real-time. The API also returns CDN cache URLs for all NFT assets with multiple web-optimized sizes — perfectly suited for developing wallets, portfolios, exchanges, and other applications.

Blockspan’s NFT API aggregates NFT information across Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and BSC.

Ethereum NFT/Token API: Continuing to Serve You

We also want to reassure you that our Ethereum NFT/Token API will remain available. This API has become a crucial tool for many users, offering real-time access to a wealth of NFT metadata, ERC20 token data, transaction activity, and much more. Its continued availability ensures you have the resources to develop a comprehensive wallet, portfolio, and other applications.

For more details on the BlockSpan Marketplace Add-on and the Ethereum NFT/Token API, please visit QuickNode Marketplace.

Utilize the NFT API With Cached Metadata add-on and build a Multi-Chain NFT Analytics App - Guide

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