Dear QuickNode users, supporters, and Blockchain community,

On June 15th 2018 the price of a QuickNode will increase to 0.2 ETH.

This comes in light of the ETH chain becoming significantly larger over recent months (requiring more high-performance storage), as well as increased compute and memory resource requirements (double) to operate nodes at the high level our users expect.

Over 1000 nodes have been launched since inception, helping projects launch and run on the mainnet, while testnet nodes assist projects still in development and beta.

QuickNode started out as a weekend project — “can we do it, is it possible, will people even use it?” — and grew into something we are passionate about and enjoy working on.

Seeing our product help individuals and companies deliver even higher value for their users is extremely satisfying.

We are committed to our mission to support developers and the Ethereum ecosystem as we add new features, improve performance, reliability, and release our new QuickNode Pro ( service.

A huge thanks to our supporters, followers, and Slack members. We look forward to what the next year of our journey will bring!