Why Choose QuickNode for Your Mantle Deployment?

Discover why QuickNode is the preferred platform for building on Mantle, the innovative Layer 2 solution. Learn how QuickNode simplifies the development process, allowing you to focus on creating high-performance, scalable decentralized applications with ease.

Why Choose QuickNode for Your Mantle Deployment?

QuickNode, the leading blockchain development platform, offers a product suite that makes development in web3 easy. With QuickNode's Core API, anyone can have fast, secure, reliable, and scalable access to multiple blockchain networks. As a developer or builder, you focus on building your product, and QuickNode takes care of all the technical heavy lifting of the infrastructure. 

Keeping the developer-first approach in mind, we are thrilled to announce our support for Mantle, an Ethereum layer-2 that is based on optimistic rollups along with various innovative data availability solutions.

This partnership will enable developers and builders to build high-performance, scalable dApps on Mantle. Now, let's learn a little bit about Mantle.

What is Mantle?

Mantle network is an EVM-compatible network that makes data accessible to everyone at a cheaper cost with Ethereum's security. Unlike most Ethereum layer 2s, Mantle takes a unique approach toward data availability using a modular architecture. 

Modular architecture in terms of blockchain means that various operations of blockchain, like execution, consensus, settlement, and data availability, are separated from each other, each performing its specialized tasks. This kind of approach by the Mantle network makes the entire chain very efficient, thus resulting in efficient, low-cost, and near real-time transactions. The EVM-compatible Mantle chain executes the transactions, the main Ethereum chains act as the consensus and settlements layer, and Mantle DA is an external data availability module powered by EigenLayer's EigenDA technology.

Mantle DA

Mantle DA is a data availability module within the Mantle network architecture. Whenever a transaction is sent on the Mantle network using a RPC node, it goes to the sequencer. The op-batcher then gets the data from the sequencer, and after encoding and compressing, it sends it to Mantle DA. The op-batcher then submits the data validity information to a contract stored on the Ethereum main chain. Since the rollup transaction data is stored on Mantle DA rather than on-chain, the transactions are cheap and efficient. When verifiers must issue fraud proofs, they can get the data from Manle DA to verify its validity. The Mantle DA layer ensures data availability via DA nodes, which forms an off-chain data availability network separating the data availability and consensus layers.

Why QuickNode for Mantle Development?

Anyone can start building on the Mantle network by signing up for a QuickNode account and creating a Mantle JSON-RPC endpoint. The following are the benefits of using QuickNode for Mantle development:

  • Dedicated Endpoints: Public endpoints are great for getting started, but since they are free and available to everyone, they are rate-limited to avoid abuse from a single user. With QuickNode, you can create a dedicated endpoint to interact with Mantle nodes. So, you don't hit those rate limits on the public endpoints.
  • Free Tier: Anyone can get started with a free forever plan.
  • Speed & Stability: With QuickNode's robust infrastructure, you won't have to worry about higher latencies and node stability. See how QuickNode's performance stacks up for yourself with the comparison tool.
  • Scalability & Reliability: With nodes in 14+ regions and load-balancing solutions under the hood, QuickNode RPC scales with your dApp traffic.
  • Wide suite of Web3 tools: Along with RPCs, users can also use Streams to set up robust blockchain data delivery systems without having to set up their own ETL pipelines. With Clusters, go beyond normal RPC and get an entire dedicated cluster of Mantle nodes, which is truly unmetered, isolated for your use, and scalable.
  • Developer Resources: Easing the development process with products and education. With robust products, QuickNode offers high-quality developer resources in written and visual formats.

Create A Mantle Endpoint on QuickNode

Step 1: Sign up for a QuickNode account (if you don't already have one)

Step 2: After verifying the email, click on `Create endpoint`

Step 3: Select the Mantle chain and click `Continue`

Step 4: Select the network and click `Continue`

Once your Mantle endpoint is ready, it will look like this. You can interact with the Mantle network using either HTTPS or WSS endpoints.


Why QuickNode?

QuickNode makes blockchain infrastructure easy, freeing developers to focus on the dApps (decentralized applications) they’re building instead of everything that goes into running blockchain infrastructure, such as DevOps/NodeOps, uptime, scaling, security, and tooling.

By eliminating the headache of node maintenance and synchronization and providing a comprehensive, end-to-end platform, we save developers valuable time, get a high-quality dApp to market faster, and help businesses scale and execute their Web3 strategies.

QuickNode is an indispensable tool in a Web3 developer’s arsenal that was created by developers for developers and battle-tested by industry-leading projects.

Today, the QuickNode network processes over 200 billion requests per month across 40+ networks in 14+ regions worldwide.‌‌

Visit QuickNode.com or check our Mantle docs section for more information.

About QuickNode

QuickNode provides the tools and resources builders need to create incredible products. With globally-balanced infrastructure, guaranteed reliability, a user-friendly interface, and end-to-end customer support, QuickNode allows enterprises to realize their ideas onchain rapidly. 

Learn more about QuickNode’s custom chain offerings: Build your own custom blockchain | QuickNode.