Your QuickNode Now Has A Wallet

Introducing Q Wallet: your own, private, client-side wallet UI, running alongside your QuikNode. We’re super excited to announce our latest feature: the Q Wallet!

Your QuickNode Now Has A Wallet

Introducing Q Wallet: your own, private, client-side wallet UI, running alongside your QuickNode.

We’re super excited to announce our latest feature: the Q Wallet!

Just like every QuickNode is personal and private, each Q Wallet is personal and private — only the owner has logins to access the Wallet’s page (i.e. the wallet install is unique and not shared by anyone else).

But this looks like MEW!

That’s because it is. Q Wallet is based off of MyEtherWallet’s open-source code. We’ve streamlined the interface and made things as lightweight & fast as possible.

We’ll also take the opportunity to improve and develop new features, on top of an already-robust platform, in order to provide valuable tools aimed at advanced users and investors.

The best part:

Your QuickNode is automatically connected as the default ETH node, so you don’t have to fill any Custom Node forms out.

What you end up with is basically your own suite: your own, password-protected wallet install, connected to your own, password-protected Ethereum Node — so you don’t need to worry about congestion to public nodes or wallet sites.

What problem(s) does this solve?

First and foremost: user experience (UX).

With the number of Ethereum users and transactions hitting record levels, it’s only normal for the infrastructure used by the portals to the network to come under pressure — resulting in less-than-desirable performance (e.g. tokens not showing up, transactions being delayed).

Prosumers and informed users now have an option to easily shift node and web responsibilities to their own private environment, which will not only result in better performance, but will also alleviate the strain that’s been affecting public node infrastructure as of late.

If you’re not familiar with the importance of Nodes and what they do, please read our article here.

What about security?

As mentioned in our previous article on MEW +QuickNode:

Both and utilize a secure protocol called TLS (you may also know it as HTTPS or SSL) so that all data transferred over the Internet between you and them is encrypted and secure. On top of that, every QuickNode is secured by a username and password that only the node creator knows. Even more, due to the way that MEW works, no private wallet info is communicated to the node, so (to our best knowledge) it is not possible for anyone to steal your tokens by your using a Custom Node (if you think about it, you are already trusting the public nodes you’re using by default with the same).

Developers, take note!

Q Wallet is just one application of a QuickNode. There are numerous other opportunities, many of them not even imagined yet (that’s on you!), to build something great that works with QuickNode.

Interested in learning more? Pop into our Slack channel and let’s talk!

Great, how do I get it?

Excellent question! Go to and sign up for a QuickNode.

Once your node has spun up, you’ll see a link on the status page which says “Access QuickNode Wallet” — click it and it will take you to your personal wallet page.

Then just enter your username (your email) and password (the same you used to sign up for QuickNode), and voila — you’re in and good to go!

The current price is 0.05 ETH, however the price will go up to 0.10 ETH on Monday, September 11th, 2017… so get yours now!

Its important to note that neither nor hold your keys for you. We cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords, nor reverse transactions. Protect your keys & always check that you are on correct URL. You are responsible for your security. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Stay informed, vigilant, and protect your assets at all times!

Note: the Wallet feature is only available on new QuickNode signups (we will be rolling out the feature for existing QuickNodes later).

We hope this feature provides users a faster, more pleasant, reliable Ethereum experience!


The QuickNode Team

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