Launch Web3 APIs, Get Paid: QuickNode Empowers Developers to Profit

Launch your APIs on the QuickNode Marketplace, the "Developer App Store" for Web3, and get paid for your contributions to the ecosystem.

Launch Web3 APIs, Get Paid: QuickNode Empowers Developers to Profit
Check out QuickNode's Web3 Marketplace

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain, Web3 developers are constantly on a quest for cutting-edge tools that streamline the development and go to market of their applications.

Enter the QuickNode Marketplace, the "Developer App Store" for Web3.

The QuickNode Marketplace now has over 60+ Web3 add-ons across a broad range of categories, including Transactions, Indexed Data, Infrastructure, Token & NFTs, and Compliance & Safety. The majority of these add-ons have been exclusively integrated by third-party companies or independent web3 developers.

Partners include best-in-class Web3 names like CoinGecko, Tenderly, DappRadar, and more, but you don’t have to be a VC-backed 20+ person team to launch products on our Marketplace. You see, the marketplace isn't just about providing access to tools for QuickNode’s 200k+ developers; it's about creating a community where third-party developers can launch products while getting paid for their contributions.

Benefits Of Joining The Marketplace:

  • Lucrative Income Stream: For developers looking for ways to monetize, the Marketplace offers a lucrative revenue where you can retain 70% of the revenue generated on the marketplace, providing a steady and reliable source of income.
  • Outsource the “boring” stuff: Focus on building and let QuickNode take care of billing, compliance, security infrastructure, marketing, and finding you customers.
  • Brand Amplification: Join forces with QuickNode’s established brand and army of 200k+ active developers visiting our platform.
  • Test Product Market Fit: Quickly get up and running and test demand for your products and ideas.
  • Dedicated Developer Support: Receive dedicated support from QuickNode’s team, which can help developers troubleshoot issues with your add-on and ensure they receive the resolution quickly.

Launch APIs, Get Paid

Developers around the world are taking advantage of QuickNode’s Marketplace model to create lucrative income streams.

Take a look at a few of our top partners 👇

Smart Global RPC Load Balancer by Backpac Inc

Backpac has experienced exceptional growth, with both customer base and revenue increasing by over 100% monthly. This notable traction underscores the effectiveness of our solutions and the increasing recognition of Backpac within the market, reflecting our commitment to delivering value and meeting the evolving needs of our expanding customer base. Read more here

Crypto Market Data API by CoinAPI

CoinAPI is a high performing marketplace partner that has experienced impressive month over month growth since they launched in December of 2023. The Crypto Market Data add-on has been widely adopted by QuickNode customers that have a need for real-time pricing data. Read more here

Covalent's 7 Powerful API Add-ons

Covalent has won over the hearts of blockchain developers via QuickNode’s Marketplace. Since launching in Q2 of 2024, their powerful suite of 7 onchain data tools has served cost-efficient, comprehensive blockchain data to dozens of Web3 developers. Covalent’s add-ons, including their Unified API, SDKs, and GoldRush Kit, offer robust solutions for accessing real-time and historical data across 200+ blockchains. These tools enable developers to effortlessly integrate crucial data into their applications, whether building DeFi protocols, enhancing wallet functionalities, or creating NFT marketplaces. Read more here.

We’ll even pay you to Build

We’ll fund your growth! Our Grant Program is designed to support developers ready to build on our Marketplace. We’ve taken feedback and top requests from our customers and distilled them into grants that get you paid to start building.

Apply for an open grant here.

Ready to put your add-on on the marketplace?

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  2. Apply for a Partner Account
  3. Schedule a kickoff call (You’ll receive an email w/ Link)

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