Why Businesses Choose QuickNode for Web3 Infrastructure

See why the top companies and projects trust QuickNode to do the heavy lifting when it comes to best-in-class blockchain infrastructure solutions.

Why Businesses Choose QuickNode for Web3 Infrastructure

Imagine you are an F1 driver — naturally, you'd want the best car, the most advanced tech, and a highly experienced team to help you cross the finish line first.

The driver and car are you and your dApp; the pit crew is your blockchain node infrastructure provider.

Here's how QuickNode can help, and why you should consider it your premier partner on your Web3 journey.

QuickNode Provides Globally-Balanced Blockchain Infrastructure

Unlike some providers, which are entirely single-homed to a region (some even to a single cloud provider!) or those which make you choose a single region for your node deployment, QuickNode operates across 14+ regions and 5+ unique cloud & metal providers.

QuickNode Operates Multi-Chain Node Clusters From 14+ Locations

QuickNode also employs an intelligent routing layer that routes requests to the nearest location.

This type of distributed architecture reduces network hops, lowers latency, and improves speeds. For example, 600ms responses become 100ms responses, which keeps your dApp snappy and your users happy!

Furthermore, this multi-homed, redundant network design improves reliability. Within seconds of detecting an issue or degradation of performance (which we monitor religiously), we're able to reroute traffic to different providers or regions, maximizing uptime.

Your audience & users are global. Why limit them to a single region, make requests travel across continents to reach them?

Curious about how QuickNode stacks up?

Check out our benchmark of Web3 providers in this complimentary blog post, or click here to test any Infrastructure Provider endpoint for yourself!

QuickNode Leverages Multiple Client Implementations and Usage-Specific Node Clusters

QuickNode also operates multi-client. Ethereum, for example, has multiple node clients (Geth, Erigon, Besu, Nethermind, etc.), each with its own strengths and unique features.

Instead of limiting customers to the functionality of a single client, QuickNode provides users with the benefits of a multi-client setup.

To take it a step further, QuickNode goes the extra mile to have unique clusters of nodes for specific RPC calls.

For example, compute-heavy 'eth_call' requests are routed to and processed by clusters tuned explicitly for these types of workloads — we benchmark node client performance continuously.

It's worth mentioning that QuickNode doesn't just provide you with a single node (which has limits; hardware resources aren't unlimited), but a global, balanced, auto-scaling, multi-node network.

You are guaranteed a healthy node and consistent performance at any scale.

QuickNode's Intelligent, Globally Distributed, Multi-Homed Network = Maximum Availability

Node Health & Reliability is Mandatory

We monitor node health, remove nodes that become unhealthy (eg. fall out-of-sync, database becomes corrupted, OOMs, etc.), and replace them with new, healthy, functioning nodes.

If you only had a single node (commonly referred to as a "dedicated" node) and it failed, you'd have a severe issue. Service would be interrupted until the node was repaired or replaced.

The same would apply if the single region or hosting provider had an issue — the result would be downtime for your app & users.

With 99.99% uptime, QuickNode takes reliability very seriously.

Performance, Reliability, and Unlimited Scalability

QuickNode provides auto-scaling, which is particularly important for rapidly growing dApps.

Today you have 100 users; tomorrow 10,000 — QuickNode scales with you, automatically.

With a single node, you would reach capacity at some point — one can only squeeze so much performance/throughput from a single machine. Requests begin to slow down or stop responding entirely as hardware limits are approached — and thus, you'd need to boot a second node, then a third, a fourth, and so on.

Then, you need to figure out how to distribute the load among them (load-balancing). Eventually, this setup would become so large you'd need to hire a full-time team to manage it.

QuickNode employs several middle layers to improve performance and reliability even further (can you tell we take these two very seriously?).

Accelerated With Caching and Indexing

The nice thing about blockchain data is that it's static and immutable. Once on-chain, it's virtually unchangeable. This makes it excellent for caching and indexing.

Caching and indexing mean the data is read, stored, and organized outside the node client.

Why? Well, node clients keep data in a specific database format, which isn't exactly the fastest for reading, especially at scale when there are tens of thousands of requests per second. By storing and serving it in a more efficient, performant database format, QuickNode improves read speeds by orders of magnitude.

But what about re-orgs? Yes, we have you covered! Even in the event of a chain reorganization, we have the technology to detect and re-index the data, to ensure its accuracy.

Your Globally Distributed One-Stop Shop for Blockchain Infrastructure

QuickNode is how you and your team would build an ideal in-house node solution without investing five years into R&D.

And QuickNode's solution comes fully managed and highly leveraged with out-of-the-box tools and features.

You get access to the network instantly — with a 24/7 team behind it to support you along the way.

Now you're thinking: "this kind of setup must cost a lot?!"

But it would be best to consider what you're paying for — unparalleled latency, reliability, security, 24/7 support, and scalability across all major blockchains.

Yes, it does cost more to operate an advanced network like this (we essentially copy/pasted QuickNode in over ten cities vs. just one) — yet QuickNode is still competitive on price (see pricing).

The Top Web3 Companies Choose QuickNode

QuickNode brings 20+ years of experience in hosting, data centers, and distributed systems. We create this magic at the lowest possible cost, generating high value for our users.

You get what you pay for, and with QuickNode, you receive the most for your money — support, features, speed, and reliability.

We're incredibly honored to be working with companies like 1inch, Coinbase, Twitter, OpenSea, and Chainlink — these top names trust QuickNode with their mission-critical infrastructure.

You, too, can be the next big thing in Web3!

If you want high performance, reliability, and an experienced partner to help you build & scale your Web3 app, then we invite you to try QuickNode today.

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