EOY QuickNode Wrap-Up 2021

In the history of the Internet, 2021 will forever be a transformational year. Blockchain technology thrust into the spotlight, with real-world use-cases and applications hitting the mainstream.

EOY QuickNode Wrap-Up 2021

The “Web3” became more defined, talked about, embraced, and adopted by developers, celebrities, business moguls, influencers, artists, financial institutions and enterprises – there is little blockchain & Web3 did not touch in 2021.

  • Long-awaited crypto ETFs were launched on the public markets.
  • PayPal, Robinhood, Square (among others) enabled crypto trading.
  • Christie's Auctions surpassed $100M in NFT sales.
  • Elon Musk and Tesla talked $BTC, $DOGE and $SHIBA, and Jack Dorsey expressed his thoughts on Bitcoin and Web3.
  • Cryptocurrency & blockchain were talked about on mainstream media news.
  • Blockchain technology is now discussed in Congress and various Government bodies.
  • El Salvador added $BTC to its balance sheet and bought the dip – now building a Bitcoin City.
  • Several crypto mining companies went public, exposing TradFi markets to the emerging industry.
  • Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, went public $COIN.
  • Robinhood IPO’d on the tailwinds of Dogecoin trading, and the GameStop / AMC trading fiasco reminded us why Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is valuable & important.
  • FTX and Crypto.com executed multi-Billion dollar marketing campaigns, including sponsorships of NBA & Soccer teams, Formula1, and naming rights to sports stadiums in Miami and Los Angeles.
  • Cryptocurrency market cap hit 3+ Trillion.
  • DeFi TVL (total value locked) reached 111 Billion.
  • NFT’s hit the forefront with OpenSea, CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, among numerous others.

According to CNBC, “NFT, or nonfungible token, trading volume surged in the third quarter of 2021 to $10.67 billion, a report by analytics platform DappRadar found. That's a 704% increase from the previous quarter.”

Similarly, Fortune Magazine reported that “Globally, the value of venture investments in the [crypto/blockchain/web3] industry surged from $3.1 billion in 2020 to $21.3 billion through Nov. 30—a more than sixfold increase”.

It is absolutely incredible the amount of development and progress which happened in blockchain / crypto / web3 in 2021.

This is the result of hard work, dedication and perseverance various projects have contributed to help the industry blossom.

From infrastructure, to tooling, to education; fiat on-ramps, off-ramps; front-end, back-end; Layer-1 and Layer-2; and of course the VCs, funds, and angels who believed and funded projects before (and after) the hype.

At QuickNode, we are super proud of our accomplishments this year … what a year it’s been!

Below is a rundown of our favorite & notable achievements and milestones for 2021:

Starting as a nights & weekends project back in Summer 2017; building through Crypto Winter 2018/2019; always listening to customers and their feedback, constantly iterating, improving; shipping QuickNode API v2 in 2020; making first hires and then igniting the rocket boosters in 2021, it’s undeniable that hard work and perseverance pays off.

Feeling inspired? We’re hiring … join our team → https://jobs.lever.co/quicknode

With superstars on our team today, and several more joining us in January 2022; an exciting roadmap, features, events & more planned for 2022 – we are ready to fly into the New Year and keep innovating, providing our customers the best service, and continue writing history.

In a space that’s moving at a million miles per hour, it’s difficult to predict what’s next – part of what makes working in this space exciting & rewarding – but one thing is for certain… we are looking forward to it!

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